Christian Copper Fights Gay Pride

Los Angeles’ police department recently found themselves served after copper Eric Holyfield claimed officials discriminated against his anti-gay religious beliefs. Well, there’s a similar case brewing over in merry old England:

Graham Cogman, a constable with 15 years experience, is taking action against Norfolk Police as he claims he was victimised for refusing to wear a pink ribbon on his uniform to mark a “gay pride” event, and for questioning the force’s stance towards gay men and lesbians.

The 49-year churchgoer, who circulated emails to officers quoting the biblical stance on homosexuality being a sin, claims he is being singled out because of his beliefs. The force has responded by saying it will not tolerate any “homophobic behaviour”.

Cops aren’t the only civil “servants” who get caught up in pink-tinged political debates.

Remember registrar Lillian Ledele, who fought for – and won – her right to refuse gay marriage certificates? The civil arena’s rapidly becoming the battle ground for the ever-evolving culture wars. While we surely don’t condone religious discrimination, perhaps people harboring faith-based prejudices should find more private fields…