You And Whose Army?

Christian Crackpot Is Furious That Obama Nominated A “Flaming Fag” To Serve As Army Secretary

hqdefaultChristian pundit Theodore Shoebat — a woeful talking head that’s regularly interviewed by junky Christian television programs — took to YouTube over the weekend to voice his outrage over President Obama’s decision to nominate Eric Fanning, an openly gay man, to serve as Secretary of the Army, reports Right Wing Watch.

Shoebat’s off-the-cuff remarks included:

“In 2012, Obama got rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which basically means that f*gs can be out in the open in their flaming f*g ways, regardless of the fact that they are decreasing the morale of fellow soldiers. It doesn’t matter, they can be flaming homos right there in the U.S. military, they can be sodomizing each other right there in the military barracks.”

Shoebat calls Fanning “Eric Flaming Fag,” and insists he was nominated by the “pro-fag, pro-sodomy, anti-family, anti-Christ president,” which, in his mind, is clear-cut “evidence as to the bullcrap that we have been seeing throughout the years from this satanic administration.”

Watch his diatribe below: