Flame wars

This Christian Facebook page banned rainbow emojis. They should have known what would happen next.

Administrators behind a fervidly religious Facebook page called “Warriors for Christ” apparently prefer learning things the hard way.

How else to explain why they were so adamant about keeping the page free of rainbow emojis?

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In case any wafflers happened to miss the message, administrators went that extra mile and created a grisly meme:

They received a disturbing 3.8K likes, but also quite a few dislikes — most in the form of, you guessed it, rainbow-bearing comments:

Somehow, initiating the ban didn’t stop all these slap-happy, rainbow-wielding hooligans.

Meanwhile, legions are now sticking rainbows on every single one of their posts, many of which are obsessed with the Lion of Judah. 

Not to be irresponsible, but perhaps you’d like to stop over at the page and help make it more colorful.