Christian Group Takes Out Antigay Ad On God’s Behalf, God Isn’t Having It

11312946_10153246385521236_1147405968830693286_oGod may be smiling down on the state of Utah in the form of two “God Loves Gays” billboards, but over in Michigan things are a little less celebratory.

That’s because drivers heading north on US-131 into Grand Rapids are forced to come into close proximity with this other sort of billboard — the kind that tears people down instead of lifting them up. God just can’t get his message straight, can he?

The electronic sign switches between two versions showing either a black or latino man above the respective “born black” or “born Latino” labels next to a picture of a man’s face painted the colors of a rainbow and words that say “not born this way.” Get it? Because “rainbow” isn’t an ethnicity. And Gaga and what have you. Hats off, guys, you really nailed this one.

The billboard also says, “Homosexuality is a behavior. Not a civil right.”

The ad was paid for by a group called the Michigan Oak Initiative, and directs viewers to a website which asks them to sign onto a message to the Supreme Court that gay ain’t OK.

“If same-sex marriage is recognized by our government, that will criminalize Christianity because any Christian that speaks what’s in the Bible can be framed for hate speech,” the group’s director, Mark Gurley, said.

Sorry, drivers. You’re going to have to put up with that nonsense for another month. The billboard has been paid for through June.