Oh lord

Christian group targets millennials with sick beats and hella tight homophobia

We’ve all been there: You’re at the festival. Or maybe a rooftop in Brooklyn. You’re living — truly living. You listen to vinyl, OK?

But what’s the cost?

That’s the big question posed by Anchored North, an evangelical Christian group, in a new video aimed at a queer millennial audience and laughably titled “Love is Love.”

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In the video, which employs a painful array of youth-targeting production elements, a young woman shares how Christ saved her from a life of queer sin.

Emily Thomes, you’ll learn if you can stomach your way through the madness, was once engaged to a — get this — woman.

Then she went to Bible study and Jesus was all, like, “Whoa bro, no homo.”

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It all ends with a tagline the Anchored North team surely agonized over way too much: “It’s not gay to straight. It’s lost to saved.”

The comments include a multitude of disgust (and lots of unsettling praise, too), but are summed up nicely by this one:

“This is bullsh*t,” someone wrote.

Are you ready to get saved?

Love Is Love

"It's not gay to straight. It's lost to saved."

Posted by Anchored North on Wednesday, December 27, 2017