Christian hate group says gay underwear ad has ruined Christmas

A Christian hate group has taken extreme offense at an underwear ad featuring a real-life gay couple, so they’re encouraging everyone to complain about it.

For its current Christmas campaign, Bonds underwear is featuring different real-life couples sharing romantic and intimate moments in their underpants.

One ad shows Nicolas and Steve, a real-life gay couple, kissing against the kitchen counter while dressed in matching Bonds boxer briefs, along with the caption: “It’s the little moments that make Christmas season so special.”

But FamilyVoice Australia says the ad, which went viral earlier this week, contaminates Christmas and is disrespectful to baby Jesus and the nativity.

In a statement, FamilyVoice Australia spokesperson David d’Lima says, “Images of two men kissing passionately while sporting only their Bonds underwear is hardly the appropriate message at any time of the year–and particularly not at Christmas.”

“Christmas is a special time that bonds faith and family. It should not be contaminated by businesses pushing explicit images into the marketplace.”

The statement continues: “Many Australian families will no longer be comfortable purchasing from a company that displays a blatant disregard for the nativity season.”

D’Lima went on to say that Bonds should apologize to Christ followers and withdraw the “appalling” ad immediately, then he encouraged everyone to send the underwear brand a letter “urging them to turn away from endorsing same-sex behavior and to cease undermining family and faith, especially ahead of Christmas.”

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