Christian Homeschoolers Don’t Like Homos

In that last post we floated the idea of home schooling our imaginary – and exceedingly unlikely – children. If we did have children, however, and decided that we wanted to home school them, we certainly wouldn’t register them in the Spalding Area Christian Homeschoolers, a so-called “Conservative Evangelical Christian Homeschool Support Group”. Why are all the words capitalized? Because the organizers were homeschooled.

Anyway, here’s a little tidbit of their rules and regulations – it’s number seven on their Statement of Faith:

…God created man and woman after His own Image, and that God has ordained marriage, consisting of one man and one woman, to be the foundation of the family and to be the only legitimate and Godly expression of sexuality. We reject homosexual marriages and homosexual orientation, because it is contrary to Scripture and the intentions of God in creation (Romans 1: 18-32, Leviticus 20: 13). We believe that such relationships are destructive to children and the very idea of “family”.

Can you imagine the anti-gay bullying in that environment. Yikes.

SACH also has strict conduct for public behavior:

It is important that we present ourselves in a manner that is a positive reflection on home education. Many who observe us may never realize the total life commitment our families have made in training up our children. We will simply be judged on our behavior and social savvy. We have a responsibility to our Lord to represent his name as the Spalding Area CHRISTIAN Homeschoolers. Also, whether we like it or not, we are advertisements for the Homeschool movement.

And also advertisements for the future fundamentalists of America. These fucking places sounds like a terrorist breeding ground. We’d rather take our changes with Britain’s bullies.