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Christian Man Wonders If He’s Gay Because Of A Friendship With A Homosexual

Breaking on The 700 Club, where old people go to scream at their rabbit-eared televisions: A man wonders whether a gay friend, who is supposedly making passes at him, makes him gay. Wisely responds Pat Roberson: RUN FOR THE HILLS! Turn off the Family Guy re-runs and start watching the show, I command you.

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  • Sskar

    “No son, hanging with your gay friend and accepting him for who he is just makes you more Christ-like. Be a man and learn from women who graciously rebuff unwanted passes.”

    Oh, and Pat Roberston is the most un-Christ-like televangelist who spouts Biblical nonsense out of context.

    Now I’m going to go do some ritual cleansing after watching this clip.

  • JAW

    I may take a lot of wrath from you all… but I kinda agree with Pat Robertson (I can’t believe I just said that)

    If the letter he read is true and not just a staged moment for Pat to quote The Bible, then he is correct. If a “friend” of mine kept trying to put the make on me, I would leave also.
    No one should have to put up with harassment. 700 club does like to stir things up… or maybe the guy that wrote the letter is gay and afraid.

  • Avenger

    Pat Robertson is a good man.

  • Pan Pan

    Depends on whether or not he masturbates when he gives his friend a blowjob.


    @Avenger: Many nazis said that hitler was a good man also………….

  • Mountainword

    Puh-leez! Being friends with a gay man makes him no more gay than having a black friend makes him African-American.

    I yield to George Carlin – “You like to suck cock?” Yes. “You’re gay!”

  • Vman455

    @JAW: Except the email read, “Recently he tried to make a pass at me.” A (as in, one) pass. Ten bucks says the writer did not talk to his friend about his uncomfortability, but instead turned to his trusted Christian leaders to think for him, when a short conversation on his part would have cleared everything up.

  • greenmanTN

    In High School I used to entertain myself by writing fake letters to Dear Abby. I even got one printed once, as a woman anguished by strangers who asked when her baby was due despite the fact her youngest child was in elementary school.

    This sounds like a letter I could have written back then. Not that gay men *never* hit on a straight guy, but given the state of Internet trollery and that this alleged letter ended up on Pat Robertson’s TV show, I call bullshit.

  • Comixbear

    The reason that the show is called the 700 Club is because that’s the combined IQ of all of the people who are on the show…If you multiply it by 700.

  • JAW


    I think the whole thing is a joke like greenman said…
    the email also said that he was “so persistent”…. The poor Christian “straight” man should have talked to him, or just went running

  • jason

    Sexual relationships can be fleeting and built on shifting sands. Friendships can last decades and be strong and spiritual.

    One of the things that is missing on the gay social scene is this deep strain of friendship that exists between men who identify as straight. The gay male social scene is a scene that is philosophically built on sex acts between men. There’s little room for deep friendships.

    The straight social scene is also built on sex, but not between men. Men bond and unite, form deep friendships, and carry on with each other in a sharing capacity as in sharing similar interests, including sexual ones.

  • Jeff K.

    I’m actually kind of glad he said this. I don’t really want to be friends with anyone who watches “Good Morning Fascism.”

  • Oliver

    Gosh, so many so called straight men think gay guys are after them all the time.
    If only!

    I am very selective (not picky) with whom I am attracted to.

    Although, I wouldn’t call myself a Christian, I do think that people like Pat Robertson wouldn’t recognize Jesus if he stood up in their soup!

  • Josh

    I read your quote and hoped for a very brief moment that was his actual response. Exactly what I would have hoped a strong Christian leader would have said given that letter.

  • Jeffree

    @GreenmanTN: LOL, I had the same hobby! We had a weekly paper in our county with an advice column & I’d disguise my handwriting…I suspect she needed the letters because she kept using them!
    I agree that the 700 Club letter may well have been a “plant.”

    It galls me that so many str8 men believe we’d make passes at them — & that they think gayness is conta.gious!

  • saltydog

    @Jason – that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. My best friend in the world is also a gay man. We have known one another since we were 11 and became best friends in high school when we were 16, now we are both 27 and still talk almost every day. We have never hooked up, dated or anything, just a good deep important friendship. I would be money that our friendship is deeper between that of most straight men because we’re not afraid to cry in front of one another, to talk honestly with one another about our hopes and fears for the future. We’ll have long talks about our feelings and lives just as often as we fight about books and movies or go out and look for guys together.

  • prohomo

    @jason: Jason, that was a wonderful piece. I so agree with this much needed reflection(no joke) thank [email protected]Avenger:

  • prohomo

    @Avenger: What meds are you on?!

  • Daez

    If you have to question rather you are gay or not, then you are most definitely gay. If you have a guy making advances at you and you don’t automatically set him “straight” then you are gay. Its really a very simple question with a very simple answer.

    How come people like Pat Robertson get to hand out advice on subjects he is absolutely unqualified to advise on. If science used a manual written 2000 years ago to perform surgery we’d have an extremely high mortality rate.

  • Daez

    @Pan Pan: Nah, it depends on if he has been the active or passive partner in the “relationship.”

  • Daez

    @jason: How sad for you Jason that you honestly believe that gay men can not have permanent long lasting friendships.

    Yes, sex is a basis for many gay relationships, but its hardly a basis for all of them. Any long lasting relationship between partners is about 10% sex and 90% friendship.

    I really do hope that you find some close gay friends and a partner so that you realize how long you really are because you obviously base your statement on personal experience.

  • Tallskin

    This pat robertson is a homophobic sky pixie worshipping bigot. Why on earth should this man break up his friendship because the sex thing rears its head??

    Typical christian dickhead talking utter cockcustard and making a problem out of sex. This really infuriates me and it reminds me why i detest any and all of the ridiculous sky pixie religions.

    and Sskar this advice is NOT out of context, this is typical christian bigoted nonsense.

  • MikeE

    let’s see. I’ve been friends with my best friend for nearly 40 years now.
    as it turns out, we’re both gay! strange coincidence. but still.
    we’ve never felt any sexual tension between us. at least, none that I’ve ever been aware of. he was always a very handsome man, and, well, not to toot my own horn, I’m not exactly painful to look at either. but still, no sexual tension. it just doesn’t work that way between us.

    So yes, Virginia, there is a possibility of true non-sexual friendship between two people with same-sex sexual orientation.

    But the important thing here is not whether gays can really have friendships. We know they can.

    The important thing is: Pat Robertson will probably burn in hell. Even he knows, deep down, that he is befouling the “true” word of God. So he will more than likely create his own personal hell. He needs it. His entire life seems to be predicated on it. Everything he talks about, everything he focuses his life and “preaching” on, is the bad, the evil, the negative. That’s just not how you die happy. The dude is seriously going to die in an agony of doubt and regret. That’s pretty sad.

  • MikeE

    @jason: and yo! dude, seriously? stop hanging out in saunas if you’re looking for friendship. don’t be a retarded douche.

    you’re SO way off base about what the gay social scene is built on.

    The gay social scene is built on exactly the same thing as the straight social scene. you want social relationships, go to a social activity.

  • ronk212

    @jason: Are you nuts?

  • Brentinpdx

    If the gay man hits on you …what signals were you showing? And to the wife who doesn’t have sex with her husband anymore..Ever stop and think that it might be YOU?!.And lastly to Pat…. what the fuck are you thinking shithead? Just because he isn’t having sex with his wife doesn’t make him gay….what a dumbassed answer.

  • Cassandra

    Typical of tallskin’s hate speech is its inconsistency and incoherence.

    For example, after using sex based insults, he/she writes “making a problem out of sex”

    Atheism is a prejudice equal to homophobia.

  • B

    No. 27 · Cassandra wrote, “Atheism is a prejudice equal to homophobia.”

    Nonsense. The term “atheism” refers to a belief that there are
    no gods/God. It is not a prejudice given that there has not been one shred of objective evidence proving the existence of any deity.

    Hector Berlioz, for example, was an atheist, but he wrote a lot of church music. According to “‘For seven whole years,’ Berlioz wrote of his childhood, religion was ‘the joy of my life’.” … then he figured out what they were really saying.

    So why did he write so much church music? He liked to write for very large orchestras and you could justify the added cost only for a state function or a religious one. So he followed the money.

  • Tallskin

    B- the thing is with the sky pixie worshippers the very existence of atheists and atheism drives them absolutely nuts. They just cannot stand it. – I assume cos it makes them look ridiculous for worshipping something that is non-existent.

    I mean, they never actually can deal with the arguments, they just get offended or upset, citing the “abusive tone” or “rudeness” or they say things like “hateful atheists” this, “aggressive atheism” that, but they refuse to discuss the lack of evidence for the existence of a sky pixie.

    Cassandra I will try one last time with you- now give me some evidence for the existence of a creator god.

  • RaymondKevin

    The clip seems to have vanished, I’ve been trying to play it for over a week. Are there other links to it?

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