Christian Right Loves Bending Backwards For Powerful Men

The Christian right has made no secret of its homo-hating. NOt only are the gays absolutely damned sinners, they’re an assault on masculinity everywhere. In his examination of the rights’ revolting mission against the gays, journo Chris Hedges points out a somewhat overlooked aspect of their ideology: good Christian men are meant to submit to Jesus, a savior Jerry Falwell once described as “a man with muscles”. Hedges writes:

The unspoken truth is that Christian men are required to have a personal, loving relationship with a male deity and surrender their will to a male-dominated authoritarian church. The submission to church authority is a potent form of emasculation. It entails a surrendering of conscience and personal control and deadens emotions and feelings.

Hedges goes on to warn the reader that though the right may seem weakened, they still pose a tremendous danger to our loves and, more importantly, lives.

The Nazis also used “values” to launch state repression of opponents. Hitler, days after he took power in 1933, imposed a ban on all homosexual organizations.

Should another catastrophic attack such as 9/11 occur, should we enter into a period of prolonged instability and fear, what will prevent these preachers from calling for the punishment, detention and quarantining of gays and lesbians, as well as abortionists and Muslims and other nonbelievers to safeguard the nation?

While we’re not as worried as Hedges, his words do offer a chilling reminder that the war against the Right’s far from over.