Christian Rocker Comes Out, Says “God Loves Me The Way I Am.” Amen.

maxresdefaultConfession: We aren’t the hugest fans of Christian rock. But hey, lots of people love to tap their toe to Jesus, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

And now that Christian folk rocker Vicky Beeching has come out of the closet in a totally unapologetic way, we’re willing to give it another listen.

She said recently:

“What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love. I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people.”

Still not sold on him, but that’s definitely a message we can support.

Certainly a different interpretation of the world’s best-selling historical fiction than we’re used to hearing from the religious right’s squawk boxes.

It’s always the crazy ones who seem to be the loudest, which is why Beeching’s story is a breath of fresh air, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

She told Pink News:

“The next big hurdle the church faces is the discussion around sexuality. So it felt important for me to add my voice to that debate as it will be the key topic for the decades to come. And my voice will make much more difference if I’m open about my sexuality, as I can share more honestly about what it’s like to be a gay Christian.”

Amen, sister.

And her positive attitude is inspiring no matter what your take on organized religion is. Vicky knew she was attracted to girls from age 12, and grew up in an environment where that simply wasn’t an option. She even had a public exorcism performed on her in front of 4,000 people at a bible camp in the UK. So there’s that.

But where many would find only bitterness and resentment through those experiences, Vicky is steadfast in her commitment to being an agent of positivity.

“I am not angry with the church even though it’s been a painful journey. I still hold as tightly to my christian faith as ever. I have a lot of hope for the future of the church – that we can see a move towards inclusion, welcome and love for LGBT people. Even if everyone in the church cannot agree on theology, I hope we can dialogue with graciousness and kindness toward one another. That’s the kind of conversations I hope I can now be part of.”

Here’s a video of Vicky doing her Christian Bob Dylan thing, and say what you will about the whole spirit of the lord business, she’s pretty darn adorable. Bob Dylan did his Christian Bob Dylan thing in the late ’70s and frankly we’d take her any day:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0evqzm_iGE?rel=0]