Christian Rocker Makes Hating Fags X…

There’s so much to say about what you’re about to see that we don’t even know where to begin. So, we’ll start at the beginning: the video came from two readers.

One reader described it as “appalling” and promised that we would be “insulted”. Another reader – in fact, our old friend Joe from The Cup of Joe, presented it thus: “For those of you who haven’t seen the joy that is this video”.

Now, those are obviously opposing statements, but let’s just say both reviews hold water.

Here are some things to keep in mind while viewing:
1. The video associates itself with a record company called Love God’s Way. We headed over for a gander and were surprised to find a quote from Oscar Wilde:

Suffering is one very long moment. We cannot divide it by seasons. We can only record its moods, and chronicle their return. With us time itself does not progress. It revolves. It seems to circle round one centre of pain.

Wilde’s then quoted as a “reformed homosexual”. As if that’s not bad enough, they’ve got a list of “gay bands” to “watch out for”. It includes blatantly queer musicians such as Rufus Wainwright and Scissor Sisters, but also includes The Doors, The Strokes and Phish…

2. A man named Donnie Davies sings the song. Davies is apparently a big deal, because the site has a special video message from him. We don’t be to judge (oh, yes we do), but he sounds like a total faggot. View for yourself.

3. The track features such as absurd lyrics as: “Lord help them hear me and make clear my voice, cause being is gay is nothing but a choice! God hates a fag…” Oh, don’t worry, it gets better: “Read the Bible, you’ll be sure to enter heaven, there’s no back door/righteous man, get on your knees, there lies no virtue in sodomy.” There’s only one word for that: genius. No wonder Joe wondered whether it’s all a joke. Sort of makes those Westboro Baptist jams seem a bit childish, no?

Anyway, here’s the video. Prepare to have your life changed forever…

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  • Todd Hopkins

    Can you say bitter Queen? Obviously can’t get any dick, so he needs to spout pure hate. Umm, pink shirt, moustache, near lisp….Faggot, Please!

    The message actually made my stomach turn.

  • Todd Hopkins

    Wow, that made me really angry, I need to go do some yoga…how dare he quote Oscar Wilde as a reformed homosexual, Whatever! Sister Donnie must really hate himself. Someone send that Queen to a Bear event!

  • ruggles

    I think its more likely that God hates people who deny who they are and spread hate.

    Anyway, this song is so over the top, the only thing that would make it better is if there was a club/ dance version.
    Any dj’s out there want to take it on? I’d dance to it!

  • Matty

    That was so horrid. It was made me laugh though. It was like easy listening christen hate. It was so badly done it seems almost as if it is a parody.

  • Ben

    Man shall not lie down with man

    So man goes extinct

    And lesbians shall inherit the Earth.

  • RSL

    Surely this is a big joke. That song is ridiculous! I do love the fact that Sufjan Stevens makes it to the list of gay bands. I wish!

  • jeffrey

    has to be a delicious pisstake of the whole christian soft rock thing..If not,then we ‘are all in real trouble..Besides he smiles when he sings the word sodomy!

  • J

    This has to be a joke. No? I mean the lighting, the outfit, his moustache!!! I mean who styled this shit? It couldnt get any gayer even if he was having anal sex on a giant blow-up of Joan Crawford whilst drinking Vita-Coco.

  • farmboyz

    This lies somewhere between hilarious and disturbing. The entire God-Hates-Fags movement is annoying but largely harmless. Worth taking a swat at, like a house fly, cuz you don’t want it near your food.

  • Bryan

    I thought this was a joke. I really did, but the website itself doesn’t have even a hint of sarcasm. It has a very long list of bands to watch out for, including some really great ones. their list of safe bands is short and looks pretty terrible.

    These are my highlights. Some of them aren’t even gay…
    * Scissor Sisters
    * Rufus Wainwright
    * Bjork
    * Ghostface Killah
    * The Faint
    * Interpol
    * Erasure
    * Le Tigre
    * Queen
    * The Pet Shop Boys
    * Metallica
    * The Village People

  • Chuck

    This man definitely needs help, but the myth that is religion and/or god will do nothing for him! He needs some serious man-on-man action, now!

  • ny Big Guy

    gotta be a parody. gotta be. WAY too obvious. some hipster who’s desparate for attention to his otherwise-bland emo. love to concept of a dance mix, though.

  • Daniel

    He says on his own website that he’s a “reformed homosexual.”
    Clearly, he’s not all that reformed. I give him a year or two, and he’ll be back to his cock-sucking days.
    In the meantime, I agree w/ ruggles: we need a dance mix of this! It’d be fab!

  • ny Big Guy

    Oh yeah, the John Waters-’70s era ‘stache and the outfit is gayer than Morriseey at the White Party.

  • mark

    in the words of brian from “family guy”

    “Cut. Print. Gay.”

    seriously. he walks like someone gave it to him before filming.

  • ATL Ryan

    OMG…ever since I visited his web page, I haven’t been able to stop pawing at my keyboard. Everytime I think I’ve exhausted all links, I find another. My favorite line is on the page: “We live not too far from the chemical plants in Baytown and sometimes being so close to that kind of industry creates intense self-reflection.” Yeah, apparently it also creates intense delusions, self-denial, and psychosis!

  • ATL Ryan

    Okay, seriously I can’t stop….I think I may have a problem! This is just too damn funny. I think I found a line on that tops the one on “Oscar Wilde, my hero, was a reformed homosexual. He went to prison for his sins. Once he was alone with his thouhgts, in jail, he saw the errors of his ways and repented…While I’m not advocating jailing all Homosexuals, I do think it would benefit them greatly. It would be for their own good.” You just remember that when we’er all locked up! Well I think I’ve reached the end…..oh shit, he has a myspace page too….HELP!

  • vince

    fuck, thanks, i’m going to be singing this all day now.

  • ATL Ryan

    I’m officially addicted! I’m afraid that stopping now will only lead to severe delirium tremens! I just noticed (on my fourth visit [this hour…HELP] to that the list of gay friendly bands is continually being updated. Since when is DMX gay-friendly and Cyndi Lauper anti-gay? And who knew that Elton John was “really gay”…he sure had me fooled! Part of me wants this to be a joke and a part of me doesn’t.

  • Jonathon

    That song is one of the most offensive things I have ever heard. I doubt very much that it was done in jest or as a parody.

    A few observations:

    1. The Oscar Wilde quote is taken out of context, and labelling Wilde as a “reformed homosexual” (as if there is such a thing) is ludicrous. Wilde never stopped being homosexual or engaging in homosexual sex, even after facing trial for sodomy. He’d be horrified to see his words used by Davies and he’s rolling in his grave right now.

    2. “God Hates a Fag” is one of the most blasphemous and hurtful statements that a so-called “Christian” could make. It’s bad enough seeing it on signs carried by the moonbats at Westboro Baptist, but to hear someone sing the words ad nauseum is worse. If “God” hates me because I am gay, then he can suck my ass and go straight to hell. Such a deity is no god; he’s a demon.

    3. Davies repeats several times that being gay is a “choice”. He also asks for help with resisting temptation, etc. I can only assume that Davies is still choosing to be gay, since he’s still tempted. Were his sexual orientation a choice, wouldn’t it be easy to switch to breederism without those pesky, “unwanted” homosexual urges? This point alone proves to me that Davies’ claim of “choice” is self-evidently false – even to himself.

    4. Davies’ list of “gay bands” is far from exhaustive, but I was pleased to see that many of my favorite artists made it to the list. He says that Morrissey is “questionable”. Hey fatboy – Morrissey is gay, too!

    I don’t call myself a “Christian” because the label has been so corrupted by people like Davies who wouldn’t know Jesus if He walked up behind them and kicked them in the ass. The “God Hates” crowd actually despise the Biblical Jesus since he was so tolerant and forgiving. They ignore completely the teachings of love for fellow man, not judging one another and not obsessing over the “sins” of others while ignoring one’s own set of “sins”.

    But I do find inspiration and wisdom in the teachings of Jesus, especially his Sermon on the Mount (which I see as the core of Jesus’ ministry and philosophy).

    If Davies’ god wants to hate me because of an aspect of myself that is an innate part of who and what I am then fine, I hate him right back and oppose him and his followers with every fibre of my being. It is sad that self-hating gays like Davies are out there. It is really hard to watch someone like Davies wallow in their own crapulence. One wonders what Davies’ life might have been like had he loved himself enough to accept himself as he is, homosexuality and all.

    At the very least I wish that Davies would cease and desist from producing more hate-speech like this song. But so long as hate is profitable (and we all know how much the right-wingers love to hate) he will keep on doing more of the same.

    Go to hell, Davies. Just go to hell. And take your stupid song and your silly-ass website with ya.

  • Brandon

    @ work so I had to watch this vid w/out the sound. couldn’t really hear what he “sings” but he looks like he’s into guys…still…no matter how hard he tries not to be. We all know the feelin’…’once you suck-off your buddy jack, you NEVER go back!’

  • mr. magoo

    did anyone check out the rest of that site?: “C.H.O.P.S stands for CHANGING HOMOSEXUALS into ORDINARY PEOPLE”

    im so glad im not ordinary, too bad that fatty in pink isnt.

  • ny Big Guy

    Dudes, look at the opening few seconds of the video real, real carefully. the guy can barely suppress his laughter. Definitely a parody. He wnated to get attention. and he got it.

  • ny Big Guy

    also, look at the website for the “organization” – no address, no plans, no meetings. Just Donnie Davis all over the place. This guy is a f***ing genius — he’s got all of your knickers in a twist over an OBVIOUS PARODY! Move over, JT Leroy.

  • Rusty Ranger

    Hahaha…this queen is hysterical. You know she’s sucking dick with that same throat she’s singin’ out of!

  • joey

    you’ll have to excuse me…i just got the spurit!!

  • pumpkincrud

    i e-mailed this young toad. this is what i sent: It is quite evident that you ARE gay. If you “feel the temptation”…you are gay. Too bad the people around you and you yourself do not accept and love you for who you really are. God dosen’t hate any of us! Shame on you…you would make Jesus cry. Perhaps you should try a “bear” club if you’re having trouble finding a “date” with any of the hard-bodies. Perhaps you are a gay man trying to make a few bucks off of your hateful hurtful video. Somehow that makes you even more evil. I pray that no young man sees your video and kills himself believing that you carry God’s message. It doesn’t matter who we love…just that we love…and you are hateful. Whoever you are, whatever you are…you will get whatever you deserve in the end. Maybe no-one will ever love you, not even yourself! Most homophobes and haters are just closeted and jealous gay men. So sad for them…so dangerous for everyone else. Pumpkincrud

  • CarlR

    Hasn’t anyone ever seen Borat? The popularity of Sasha Cohen’s movie means we’ll probably start seeing a lot more straight faced satire. This is just one of the more professional ones I’ve seen.

    This video, the band, the site, the myspace page. It’s ALL a joke. The lyrics, as mentioned, have all sorts of not so subtle homoerotic imagery. The video has them too (the pink shirt, moustache, the candles, guys holding hands). And the list of gay bands? Please. It’s hilarious!

    It’s obviously (very) biting satire aimed at the Religious Right. The fact that people are having such a hard time telling it from the real thing makes its message even more relevant (and ingenious)!

    And, possibly the most ironic part: All the hate being spewed right back at him from us on this site, just puts the mirror right back in our faces–making us self-parodies ourselves!

    This guy wants it both ways and we’re giving it to him. Possibly the greatest hoax since Orson Welles broadcast “War of the Worlds” over the radio.

  • Check Your Cache!

    Now that YouTube has removed the video (oh, snap!), those of you who got there soon enough to see it may be able to resurrect it from your browser cache. The file size is 7,988,874 bytes).

  • heavyd

    Carl’s right on. It’s a somewhat clever, patently satirical hoax, and this “queen” is having a good, long laugh at each and every angry response. Save your hate mail and avoid looking even more ridiculous for having been left out on the joke. If you need the evidence spelled out, check out the comments in the following blog post: God Hates a Fag.

    If only there were some other event in yesterday’s media to get people worked up. Something important. Some arch-conservative talking about the state of our country…

  • pumpkincrud

    yeah its all a great laugh until some kid thinks its real and hangs himself in his bedroom.

  • Andrew

    Awe, the video has been removed from YouTube *and* this freakshow’s site — “due to abuse”.

    And I was so looking forward to having a gander after all the hype…

  • Alex-jon

    Pay attention to the phallic imagery, the words he uses, the myspace mentions all over the place, the fact that it REEKS of viral video/mockumentary…

    …it would be fun to kill a mockumentary/viral video, but it won’t happen.

  • al

    youtube took the video down for being offensive (good for youtube?), but you can still find the video on the website for ms. donnie’s backup band “evening service” (is that code for a bj after 5pm?).

    this whole thing has to be a joke, but it seems like too much setup for such a weird punchline

  • Simon Jones

    What a supurb job ‘Donnie’ has done. He created this video and now we are all talking about it, demonstrating his point by wondering if it is real or not.

    The merest suggestion of this being for real is absurd. The evidence is there, though it’s far more fun to not look so closely at that and instead concentrate on a person conducting and interview in character. Need I remind anyone that Borat isn’t really from Kazakhstan either.

    I also chatted with Pastor Davies tonight and had much the same exchange, albeit at a painfully slow rate.

  • jeffyk

    My favorite quote, from the website of Donnie’s band, Evening Service:

    “Houston is a strange place and we feel like it is reflected in our music. We live not too far from the chemical plants in Baytown and sometimes being so close to that kind of industry creates intense self-reflection, which is what we are all about.”

    Um, parody anyone? Or morons of a higher level than I’ve ever seen….

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