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Christian Siriano’s Big Pre-Coming Out Day Coming Out Story

This weekend is more than just Cleve Jones’ birthday and the National Equality March. Sunday also marks National Coming Out Day, an annual tradition where gays young and old ruin family barbecues. Who better to discuss the importance of the day than fashion wunderkind and new author Christian Siriano, who stopped by Joy Behar’s show, which nobody watches.

Siriano is one of the lucky ones: his parents “knew” he was a G, and coming out didn’t send them running for an open oven. Then there’s the peanut gallery piped in via satellite, some of whom didn’t have it so easy. Sad!

But it was Joy who steals the show. In discussing why all of America’s gays leave their conservative hometowns, Joy explains: “It’s a gay place to come.” Oh Joy, always mixing the gays and the unintentional sex jokes.

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