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This Christian thrift store asks all job applicants how they feel about LGBTQ+ people

Historically, plenty of businesses have biases against hiring queer folks. Not all of them are so bold as to put it straight on Indeed!

Reddit user “onlyinyaks” posted a job listing for the Yakima Union Gospel Mission thrift store to r/antiwork, and it quickly took off.

The questions have to be read to be believed:

At time of writing, the Indeed job listing is still up and intact.

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The questions technically just ask the applicant’s feelings about these matters (for plausible deniability, of course).

While they don’t explicitly say  “you must think gay is bad to work here,” it’s unlikely that such a deeply Christian company is just taking an innocent poll on this.

The store’s official site states that their employees “look past what separates us to build healthy families, thriving neighborhoods, and stronger communities.” Healthy, traditional families!

As strange as the questionnaire is for a job listing in this, the year of our Lord 2022, stranger is their own vagueness in questioning. What are they supposing the bible says about homosexuality exactly? Which testament are we going off of for the whole “definition of gender identity” point?

No two Christians interpret the bible in its entirety the exact same way, so them using this as a hiring guideline should be a warning to applicants about just how practical their potential managers would be.

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Technically, employers in the U.S. whose “purpose and character is primarily religious” are allowed to prefer hiring people of the same religion as the over-arching organization.

What they still aren’t allowed to do is discriminate in hiring based on sexuality or gender.

Also, if they really think they can weed every young queer out of a listing for an entry-level clothing retail job in Washington state… best of luck to them!

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