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Christian Walker sobs as he questions his move to Florida

Christian Walker, son of Herschel Walker
Christian Walker (Photo: Twitter)

Remember Christian Walker? The ‘I-like-manly-men-but-don’t-call-me-gay’ son of GOP candidate Herschel Walker made a big deal a couple of months ago about upping sticks from California and relocating to Florida.

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The rightwing influencer repeatedly took to social media to celebrate moving from a blue to a red state and praised Governor Ron DeSantis for introducing his notorious ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Just last week Walker posted about how nice it was not to be walking the streets of Los Angeles.

Last month he hung out with DeSantis and sang his praises.

Well, it seems that the move to Miami has not been all sunbeams and rainbows. Earlier this week, Walker posted a video to his Instagram stories in which he revealed that leaving Los Angeles had not been as easy as he imagined. In fact, he said if he could snap his fingers and move back, he would.

In a subsequent posting, he said, “I feel like I’m going through the worst breakup of my life. That’s the best way to describe the feeling. I love LA so much so I’m heartbroken. I’m sure this is a transition period and I’ll feel better soon. See you at Starbucks tomorrow.”

He also thanked those people who had sent him messages of support or who said they could relate.

The story was reshared to TikTok by user @nicholas.politics. Watch below.

@nicholas.politics So much for moving out of the “hell hole wasteland” of California??? #christianwalker #miamiflorida #california #conservativelgbtq #redstate #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Nicholas W ✨🌊

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Christian Walker elicits little sympathy

Many of us know what it’s like to move to an entirely new area and to feel a little homesick. Or wonder if we’ve made the right decision.

However, online, sympathy for Walker seemed in remarkably short supply.

“He realized conservatives only like him as an online token and not irl lmao” said one person on TikTok, summing up the thoughts of many.

“Almost like he was sheltered in CA and FL is showing him the truth of ppl with similar mindsets to him,” said another.

Here are a few Twitter reactions.

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