Christian Woman Fired For Harassing Gay Coworker Cries “Discrimination” And “Intolerance” In New Suit

MBUYI_2887386b (1)A Christian nutjob and former nursery school teacher in the UK is suing her previous employer for violating her “religious freedom,” which she believes gave her the right to harass a lesbian coworker and refuse to perform job duties that included acknowledging gay couples.

Sarah Mbuyi is playing the “intolerant gays” card with the Telegraph this week, claiming that her previous employer unceremoniously fired her for having strong religious convictions that compelled her to spread hate in the workplace. A Christian group backing her case believes Christian values have been “outlawed” and that Mbuyi has been “robbed” of her freedoms.

According to Newpark Childcare, the London-based nursery that fired her, the 30-year-old was officially let go for “gross misconduct” and “harassment” after a disciplinary meeting found her guilty of provoking her lesbian coworker. According to Newpark, Mbuyi routinely probed a lesbian coworker about her sexuality, pushed her beliefs on coworkers, and even gave her lesbian coworker a Bible as a “get well soon” gift after an unrelated workplace accident.

At the disciplinary meeting, Mbuyi reportedly also claimed she would never read children’s storybooks to kids if they involved same-sex parents. She claimed she “would not be able” to, based on he religious beliefs.

Woe is me. Cue the world’s tiniest violin.

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  • redcarpet

    I’ve had to deal with people like this at work. It’s awful. Luckily they don’t last very long in my line of work and tend to make a lot of enemies besides gay folk.

  • keithb94

    It is just like when a bully gets punched in the face and goes crying to mum when the kid they have bullied finally stood up to the pratt. This bitch deserved to be fired.

  • DarSco

    Don’t feel bad for her. she will play the race card or plead ignorance or a combo of both. FIRE this dumb hoe! 30 years old and you do not realise that you are jeopardizing your job, the affect that this negative language has on children? screw this DUMB HOE she did it to herself

  • carey579

    ^ Let’s not call her a ‘HOE’ please (well at least we don’t know that)

    This case is comparatively insignificant but collectively and with bigger sensations like the Mozilla case – is there a growing trend of painting the LGBT as bullies?

    Wonder which other organisation biggie will say something homophobic and step down next.

  • Cam

    So basically she was prevented from attacking somebody and is suing stating that she should be allowed to attack them.

  • Cam


    No actually the right wing bigots have been trying to claim gays are bullies for years and years going way back before Prop 8. When we started to get movement is when we started calling a bigot a bigot.

  • Amalgamate

    Is this a joke? a black bigot?? WTF??

  • Kangol

    Queerty readers, I hope everyone realizes that what Hobby Lobby is litigating before the US Supreme Court is the right to discriminate based on religious grounds. As the US Solicitor General argued against their lawsuit, if they as a private company (not a not-for-profit religious organization, say) can tell employees they will not pay for contraception based on religious grounds, they can also use the Bible or some other religious text to discriminate against LGBTs, people of color, people with disabilities, single women, unmarried mothers, you name it. So it’s not just this woman, or her flawed argument. In fact there are right-w!ng lawyers in the US who badly want a SCOTUS judgment that will allow more discrimination, taking us backwards by decades and centuries.

  • Billy Budd

    Bitch. I hope she never finds a job again.

  • TheChrisBlake84

    And the gay person should sue her for workplace harassment! You’re there to earn a paycheck, not spread the gospel.

  • hotshot70

    typical bitch. She does wrong, then when she gets punished, she says “unfair”. Bitch gotta go!

  • Blackceo

    This lady needs to take a stadium of seats!!!!

  • Captain Obvious

    @Amalgamate: Everyone has the right to be an ignorant bigot, not just white people. Kind of like how you think the fact that she’s black matters, she’s also not even American like your ignorant “point” implies that descendants of slaves have to love everyone. You’re no better than she is so don’t be so quick to chuck your pink stones, princess. Thanks for making me defend a homophobes right to be a homophobe. You don’t help our cause at all, hatred is not an exclusive right of whites. How you can write garbage like that and not see the ignorant irony is beyond me.

  • Captain Obvious

    It’s also ridiculous how quick people are to call her a bitch in the way people call us fags. Stop being the same type of bigot you’re complaining about.

  • Billy Budd

    @Captain Obvious: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch. A thousand times Bitch.

  • DonW

    @Captain Obvious: I’ve got your back here. There’s no need to stoop to name-calling. We can afford to rise above — we’re winning.

  • Billy Budd

    She is the very definition of a bitch. From the dictionary definition at

    a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked
    “she said her son thought Hillary was a bitch”

    Type of:
    disagreeable person, unpleasant person
    a person who is not pleasant or agreeable

  • Mezaien

    Leave the woman a lone! she got a job washing dishes at “Manenburg” restaurant outside Cape Town, South Africa.

  • Tackle

    @Captain Obvious: I agree that there is no need to call her the B word. It’s rather childish. And @DonW: is right. We are winning on all fronts.

  • Cliffs Corner Novelty Shop

    I am a small Business owner at, Cliff’s Corner Novelty Shop, & Even though it is a sexually oriented business that I own, if there is any kind of harassment; is it handled swiftly. No One should ever have to deal with a Rude, Mean, & Hate-full person like her. As well, I 100% agree with “keithb94”. Growing Up in East TX I was bullied for being GAY even though at the time I was not. I am now. But that’s beside the The first time I fought back… The Bully Ran, told on me and I got suspended.

  • Billy Budd

    When I had my first job in Brazil, just after my traineeship in switzerland, I was harrassed by my boss, the manager, who was a closeted married queen. He would make fun of me, call me a faggot every hour, write gay parodies of famous songs putting my name into the lyrics, come to my hotel bedroom in order to see me wearing underwear, give me a nickname that had the word gay in it mixed with my surname, made gay jokes about me, suggested that I should open a bar at a traditional gay beach, etc etc.

    It was the worst period of my life, I got into deep depression and I quit the job. I was still in the closet, struggling with my sexuality and I just couldn’t deal with it. I was 22.

    This BITCH is a bully and deserved to be fired. That is MY opinion.

  • dvlaries

    Sounds like the kind of unpleasantness that’s easily avoided when people know how to mind their own goddamn business. But that doesn’t work if your true intent is to be a shit-stirring troublemaker.

  • Cam

    And once again, there is a lawsuit about the right to discriminate and there is no shortage of hand wringing gays in here sobbing about not calling the woman names.

    Nothing like a cadre of people in the community that continually work against themselves.

  • Tackle

    @Cam: May I ask you how is calling her names, and calling her out of her name helping our fight to gain rights. And how is it helping the name callers be a more, intelligent, useful, living, kind, generous, gracious, humble, forgiving, loving humans?? Thanks…

  • Cam


    No, what actually happens is that somebody like this woman will do something beyond horrible. Ruining a person’s work-life and threatening their livlihood, and is now suing for that right. And then somebody on a posting here will call her a bitch or something else, and then we will get 20 posts ignoring what this woman has done as the moral equivalency police will come in here clutching their pearls and trying to paint the poster as somehow worse than this horrible bigot.

    No other community seems to have so many who are so eager to give every excuse and advantage to the people trying to oppress us and lob every attack at the ones defending us.

  • Tackle

    @Cam: Yes I think it’s horrible to ruin a person’s work life, and threaten someone’s livelihood. But I did not see one poster on here excusing or trying to minimize what she’s done, and attacking the ones who called her a [email protected] I believe that posters are politely asking, and letting those know that calling her that name is not cool, and lets refrain from doing so, and focus on her actions. Yes we need to fight: But not ignorance with ignorance. ..

  • Cam


    My issue is only that the people will not talk about the woman but spend their entire post going after them for saying bitch therefore somewhat derailing the actual topic of the posting.

  • tricky ricky

    @Captain Obvious: there are no two ways about it, she’s a bitch.

  • tricky ricky

    @Cam: spot on point.

  • CalgaryBill

    I guess I’ve been lucky; I’ve almost always worked for larger corporations. They always had a Code Of Ethics with a requirement that you had read and agreed to the policy. When policies changed because of cultural shifts or new legislation, the process was repeated. Not signing the statement, or violating the ethics statements always were grounds for firing,with no comeback available unless the grounds could be shown to have been falsified.

    Firing was not the only alternative available, but was always possible. I think even small businesses should do such training.

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