Christian Youth Leader Uses Grindr To Recruit Gays

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.53.46 PMGrindr has been working hard to keep those unstoppable spambots at bay, but now the app is being infiltrated by another group of gay men with ulterior motives: Gay Christians.

Photographer and filmmaker Christian Hendricks has interviewed Michael James Alexander Szalapski, the gay gem to the right that uses Grindr to lure other gay men to mass at his Methodist church in Clarksville, Tennessee. He says the only reason he uses the gay hookup app is to “let people know that you can be gay and be a Christian,” because he claims most gay people think God hates them.

Szalapski says he attended 15 different churches before settling into Fellowship Church, and managed to become a youth leader to help kids “that were having these feelings too.” His responsibility to and acceptance from the church are what drives him to recruit even more headless torsos from the social networking app.

The interview is part of Hendrick’s latest project, “South of Ohio”, a journey that will “discover and document the hidden queer south.” You can follow his journey on Twitter.