Christianu2uber Cried Out for Help. It Finally Arrived


When we first told you about “Christianu2uber” — the 12-year-old self-identified “ex-gay” YouTube user who often talked about religion — plenty of you demanded Queerty take down the video. The boy, whose name we learn is Scott, at times said in his videos he was gay, then not gay; he talked about why gays shouldn’t get married; and when other YouTube users began leaving hateful comments and remixing his videos into tormenting clips, he uploaded a “stop calling me a homo” response. We weren’t in on some joke, posting his videos for laughs. Quite the opposite: We spotted a little boy crying for help on the Internet — a replica of too many gay and gay-questioning boys and girls harassed in school and at home — and yearned for his rescue. It worked.

Though the Christianu2uber account is now closed (this spoof account is not the same one), Scott is not gone. In fact, police are now involved after a dozen-plus YouTube videos (viewed over one million times) and Facebook posts caused web users to rally officials to identify the boy and intervene.

There are reports that Scott, in addition to being harassed himself, began making violent threats against others online, which may be the real reason police got involved.

Either way, the intervention was necessary. Thanks to various online efforts, including a blogger who contacted the FBI about the boy, Scott’s parents and loved ones will know the boy is not well mentally. That he’s questioning his sexuality, and how it butts up against his religious beliefs. That when he shuts the door and turns on the computer, he’s subjecting himself the very hatred and bullying that, we’ve seen, can lead to horror stories.

It’s hard to put this one in the “win” column, but the very technology that was opening this boy up to harm may have saved his life.