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Christina Aguilera Enjoys Same-Sex Kissing, So Now You Must Love Her Forever

Did it really take until this week for E! to air a True Hollywood Story for Christina Aguilera? Yes, apparently. Though Aguilera isn’t exactly in the spotlight at the moment, the pop star’s career is notable for its gay-inclusiveness. Or something. From the two boys kissing in the video for “Beautiful” (totally sweet!) to the three girls kissing during the VMAs (totally a stunt!), Aguilera has been involved in all sorts of homoerotics. This, apparently represents support for the gay community? Either way, she receives the stamp of approval from gay songwriter Linda Perry, and that pretty much locks her up as gay icon-y, right?

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  • Lloyd Baltazar

    WOW… thats so rad. I love Christina Aguilera! The gays will always love her!

  • Cam

    I like her, but on a side note, I have to admit I’m a bit over the whole “Straight girls talking about kissing other girls to turn guys on and be controversial.” One of my lesbian friends calls them “Boner Lesbians”.

  • Qubified

    @Cam: Regarding the two straight girls kissing bit, as some of my friends put it, “There are Katy bisexuals, and Kinsey bisexuals.”

  • Cam

    @Qubified: LOL!!!!

  • sebs

    she probably has an album coming up

  • Bambu

    Honey. love something that needs it , like your planet and those who starve….we’re too spoiled by the likes of you, but thanks…i’ll put your love on ice where it can always stay fresh!

  • jason

    I do think Christina was great for gay rights when she included male-male kissing in the Beautiful video. I mean, what other pop star has ever done this? Even gay-friendly ones tend to pander to male heterosexual fantasy, thus excluding us.

    However, I don’t think the Britney-Madonna-Christina thing was about gay rights. In this case, I think it was boner dyke behavior. There’s a difference between this type of fetish-type behavior – which panders to a voyeur such as a straight male – and the genuine orientation-based male-male kissing in Beautiful.

  • Jake

    I’m not sure why you brought up the Madonna-Britney kiss…that wasn’t even mentioned in the video.

    But beyond that, Christina is not just a gay icon because of the Beautiful video. A lot of her music, specifically from the Stripped album, is very inspirational to anyone who feels different or like they’re an outsider.

    Her “coming of age” album was a catalyst in a lot of gay people “coming out”.

  • Cassondra Snoozy

    Great news regarding Christina Aguilera’s world concerts including to England. I do hope Leona Lewis will perform with christina at the shows over here.

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