It's Not As Slutty, Slaggy As We Would Have Hoped

Christina Applegate’s Gay Marriage Past

Christina Applegate may have had a marriage of the lesbianic variety.

The National Enquirer and its crack team of hacks dug up on old Bikini magazine interview in which Applegate – pictured, looking very lipstick – discusses a flippant Las Vegas lesbian wedding.

The National Ledger‘s Nancy Streets explains:

The article from the Enquirer notes the very odd story that is more strange than scandalous and reports the news that Applegate admitted that she was married to a woman before she made it legal with her ex husband Johnathon Schaech in 2001.

[Applegate] said in an old interview with Bikini magazine that over ten years ago she and her female friend got hitched in Vegas. She claimed that they “took [marriage] very seriously,” but that they did it to prove a point about marriage and that it wasn’t sexual. It couldn’t have been legal, because gay marriage is not legal in Nevada, but it sounds like they had a ceremony, according to the report.

No doubt millions of men and women have fantasized about Applegate being a lesbian throughout the years. Those fantasies just came true and, unfortunately, there aren’t even any tits involved. Sad.