Christine Quinn Losing Control?

Christine Quinn’s trying her hardest to control the damage from this month’s slush fun scandal. The openly lesbianic New York City council speaker found herself in the spotlight after NY Post reported that millions of city funds had been stashed in phony organizations and distributed at the council’s discretion. On Friday, as calls for her head grew louder, Quinn announced sweeping reforms, saying that she and her staff would limit discretionary funds, thus giving much of the power to the Mayor’s office.

While Quinn’s announcement was meant to quell criticism, some of her peers still aren’t having it:

Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron has called for Quinn to step down, and although other members tossed around the word coup yesterday, they said there were no plots to oust her from her post.

Quinn spokesman Jamie McShane said the speaker acknowledges the hurt feelings and is calling and meeting with her colleagues to address them.

“Chris acknowledges that she should have consulted her members prior to announcing the reforms,” McShane said. “She’s reaching out, seeking feedback and suggestions, and she’ll continue to do so throughout the week.”

Speaking of reaching out, Speaker Quinn also upped her defense by hiring defense attorney Lee S. Richards III. Richards will no doubt come in handy as federal and state authorities dig deeper into her involvement in the scandal.