Can "Flying Rats" Be "Niggers"?

Christine Quinn Sparks Pigeon Flap

We understand that activists can get hyperbolic, but some animal rights gurus are getting downright crazy after Christine Quinn talked smack about pigeons. The openly gay NYC council speaker caused a minor blip this week when she derided the birds as “flying rats,” a common comparison: “I am not a fan of pigeons. I have no love of pigeons at all. I find them to be flying rats, and I have no use for them.” Some truly bored activists are deeply offended by Quinn’s words and even went so far as to compare “flying rat” to “nigger”. From NY Post:

Urban Wildlife Coalition founder Johana Clearfield wrote Quinn, slamming her as “clueless,” since “pigeons have nothing in common with rats” – and calling her comment an “epithet . . . much like the n-word.”

Um, first of all, calling a pigeon a flying rat is nothing like calling someone a nigger. Second, pigeons lack the intelligence and cognizance to understand the implications of Quinn’s words. So, basically, it’s moot.