Christine Quinn’s Apology Train

Lesbian politician Christine Quinn’s desperately trying to win back her political peers.

The New York City Council Speaker came under earlier this month after the NY Post reported that the council had funneled millions into fake organizations and used the dough as a slush fund. The paper also revealed that Quinn knew about the potential fraud many months ago and fumbled in cleaning up the mess. Now, as the investigation heats up and Quinn’s calling in defense lawyers, the lesbian politico’s apparently apologizing left and right:

In a series of private meetings with rank-and-file members of the City Council on Monday, Speaker Christine C. Quinn kept apologizing. She told them she had blundered badly in her response to revelations about the Council’s appropriation of money to fictitious organizations.

“I’m terribly sorry for the way I did this, with no consultation,” one council member recalled her saying. “You read in the paper about people in crisis situations doing things and you say, ‘How could they have been so stupid?’ And now I know how they could have been that stupid.”

We have to admit, we’re a bit surprised, as well. We always thought Quinn to be an above-it-all sort of girl. Now we think she may just be another politician out for her own.