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  • cruiser

    photos are a little cheesy, but the guy does have a nice body, the face…it’s ok, nothing really to write home about though.

  • Miley Crisis


  • buttmunch

    cute photos and this guy is just insanely hot

  • Z reveals

    Great body, bizarre face

  • rogue dandelion

    @Z reveals: I like his face!

  • afrolito

    @Z reveals:

    How is his face bizarre? He’s a cute guy with an incredible body.
    He doesn’t look particularly bright, but so what.

  • logan767

    wow. what a bunch of catty queens on here. he’s a great looking guy!

  • averageguy40

    How can you tell how bright someone is by looking at their photos?

  • Mark M

    Very handsome to me! TOTALLY picky of me, and I TOTALLY admit that I have never/will never look this hot BUT: watch the tits: getting top heavy, work them lower cuz’ your on the verge of bitch tits. See how they just shelve and curve? Too much straight bench press.

  • Nick

    Hmmm. Mark M, do you think most people will EVER notice something like that?

  • Mark M

    @Nick: If I was paying for 2 hours of his time, yes I would. :)

  • buttmunch

    @Mark M:
    i know! my mom has tits like his…fuck…

  • aaronyc

    i would LOVE to see what the men posting such hypercritical comments look like!!!

  • petted

    I think he’d look better if he shaved but kept the side burns maybe the mustache too.

  • Powerbottom Philly

    From Philly. Straight. Hot.

  • Greg

    Yeah, y’all need to lighten up.

    The guy is right up my alley: scruffy and fit. And I love his tits.

  • Coy

    It’s perfectly fine to have a preference for faces and t*ts (lol) but why disparage when it’s much easier (i.e filling in comment box)to not say anything at all? PH is a good looking man with an amazing body. To each his own…

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