Christopher Rice Posts Semi-Nude Pic After Losing Literary Award

10277048_10152163544008215_977572773688410016_nCelebs posting semi-nude photos on their social media accounts is a trend we fully support. The latest to earn our enduring respect is out writer Christopher Rice, son of literary icon Anne, and a very talented novelist in his own right. Chris was nominated for the prestigious Bram Stoker Award this year for The Heavens Rise, his acclaimed Louisiana-set thriller, but unfortunately lost the prize. He’d earlier posted a note on Facebook promising his friends and fans that if he didn’t take home the award for Superior Achievement in a Novel tonight that he’d post a shirtless pic, or in his own words: “If I don’t win the Bram Stoker Award tonight expect mad shirtless selfie action in a desperate clawing bid for validation.”

While we wish Chris had won, we’re super-happy that he didn’t. As soon as he returned home from the ceremony, he peeled off his silver suit and purple tie — and apparently everything else — to keep his word, or as he put it: “A promise is a promise. Since I didn’t win the Stoker tonight it’s time to start preparing my costume for Romantic Times in New Orleans next weekend.” His loss is definitely our gain.