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Christopher Barron Isn’t Terribly Concerned About Being Banned From CPAC

Even with new American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas saying he’ll have a new “gay test” for any CPAC participants, GOProud chief and leading denialist Christopher Barron doesn’t think these new rules will apply to him: “Considering we don’t support gay marriage and DADT isn’t part of our 2011 legislative agenda [I’m] not sure how this effects us at all.” Lovely to see how turning your back on your own community can become a skeleton key to the most exclusive homophobic clubs!

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  • SouthSideShorty

    What’s with all the hating on Chris Barron? Because he has a different perspective on gay rights? Jesus. Think about it: When you tolerate intolerance, you’re not being a very good liberal, are you?

  • Andy

    If they don’t stand for any gay rights, why bother calling themselves a gay group?

  • justiceontherocks

    @SouthSideShorty: he doesn’t have a different perspective. He favors second class citizenship.

    Anyone who does not support marriage equality is neither “gay” nor “conservative.”

  • mjcc1987

    When you bill yourself as a gay conservative group, gay is the first word. How would you feel if an off-shoot of the NAACP billed itself as the African-American conservative group that support separate but equal and racial re-segregation of schools are not on their 2011 agenda?

  • scott ny'er

    @SouthSideShorty: It’s just a little pathetic seeing him trying to fit in with the popular kids. Even tho they may throw slushed at him, spurn him in the hallways, make fun of his friends… Barron will do anything to be part of that gang.

    It’s like seeing a brother who you don’t share a lot in common with hang with the bad crowd. I’m not sure tolerance comes into play. You know the crowd is bad. You know he shouldn’t be with them. And yet he’s family. Do you “tolerate” it as he and his gang breaks your car’s windows or steals your possessions?

  • SouthSideShorty

    @scott ny’er: Good metaphore with the brother-in-a-bad-crowd scenario. But you have to understand that just because Barron’s priorities might not jibe with your own (marriage, DADT, etc) doesn’t mean he’s trying to fit in with the enemy. It means, much like civil right leaders of the past, he’s trying to bridge the gap that separates us from those who are prejudiced against us, and you have to give him credit for that. Call him a sell-out all you want, the man is making headway among the Right for you and me and everyone like us.

  • justiceontherocks

    @SouthSideShorty: You can’t really believe what you typed. It’s not that DADT repeal and marriage equality are not “priorities” – he and his group are against them. That’s Steppinfetchit – Uncle Tom – Lemme Back to the Plantation mentality.

    I’m all for gay people refusing to march in lockstep with one party, and I understand we are a broad cross section of the nation. But I don’t see what Barron’s group will ever accomplish if it doesn’t pressure the GOP on civil rights issues.

  • Gigi

    @SouthSideShorty: Barron isn’t trying to bridge any gap. He kinda was but then (allegedly) Ann Cunter got him to drop the gay rights stuff because it separated him too much from the bigots in the party. I’m gonna go Teabaggy here with an analogy – Barron trying so hard to gain the acceptance of the Rethugs is like a black Republican fighting against de-segregation. What’s the gay equivalent of an Uncle Tom? Hey…maybe it could be ChrisRBarron!

  • Gigi

    @justiceontherocks: That’s the thing, Barron is a Rethug who just happens to like smoking pole. HE’S married, but he doesn’t care if anyone else is or can be. It’s not an issue for him. He’s only concerned about fiscal-y things like national debt, defense spending, etc. I have to admit, I can’t even stand to hear him speak.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Why bother calling yourself a gay group? Isn’t he just another conservative group? So why should they be anymore interesting then NOM?

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    Heh, great link of a Democrat showing the GOP what a bunch of sociopathic hypocrites they are!


  • Shannon1981

    GOProud is hardly pro gay, and I really wish they’d stop trying to sell themselves as such. And Chris Barron has a lot of self loathing going on. He’s ok with never being able to marry the man he loves? Alrighty then.

  • Patsy Stoned

    He brings all the hate on himself (in fact I think he loves it) by blathering on and on about the “gay left.” The only bridge he’s interested in building is for himself and his bank account, he couldn’t care less about gays (especially the “gay left”). The one time he actually called out a right wing bigot he had to quickly apologized with his tail between his legs. GoPwnd by the haters.

    He’s an attention whore and a very nasty person and if he wants to hop in bed with the likes of Ann Coulter and the bigots at CPAC then go for it. Just don’t expect everyone else to applaud or agree. He’s quite pointless, and should just call his group what it is – a right-wing apologist shill group with no interest in gay rights whatsoever.

  • DavyJones

    While I know a few fiscally conservative folks who vote republican from time to time; the idea that this guy is “the man is making headway among the Right for you and me and everyone like us” is laughable. What he is doing is making those who hate us, and I’m not saying all republicans do, but that’s a different post); He’s making those that hate us think to themselves, “Well he’s an exception, he’s a “good gay” who recognizes his place in the world”. Personally I’d rather be hated than thought to accept my place as second class…

  • Soupy

    Exactly. He would support any Jim Crow law that existed if the Repugs liked it.

  • BeachBuddy

    @Gigi: Your comment regarding teabaggers should be cause to have you instantly and permanently removed from this site. Do you also use the term “cocksucker” and “carpet muncher” when referring to people on the other side of the political spectrum? Don’t know if “Gigi” is your real name or your drag stage name, but either way, you’re a disrespectful cunt who believes name-calling is the answer to stifling debate with those whom you disagree. You’re a childish coward — and look at that, I didn’t have to resort to schoolyard names.

  • Shannon1981

    ugh, I can’t log in! Its me tho guys.

    Anyway,@Gigi careful how you refer to people. I realize this site has some rather imbecilic comments at times, but still..using slurs isn’t necessary. And I can’t stand Chris Barron or Republicans either, but there are ways to say that without being so nasty. BeachBuddy is right.

  • whatever

    @SouthSideShorty: I like the idiotic conservative definition of “tolerance.” Tolerance means that you can never criticize fucked-up conservative viewpoints and conservatives get to whine like pussy-bleeding bitches when they are criticized.

    Conservatives are scum.

  • justiceontherocks

    @BeachBuddy: You didn’t really write this, did you?:

    “either way, you’re a disrespectful cunt who believes name-calling is the answer to stifling debate with those whom you disagree.”

    Don’t lecture people on name-calling when it’s your own stock in trade.

  • wtf

    I just love seeing the fools come out to defend this quisling douchebag. Chris R Barron is a LIAR who will say ANYTHING just so his precious Republican party will ‘accept’ him. He’ll even deny that GOProud is pro-marriage equality and interested in the repeal of DADT. Does he really think people don’t remember him TAKING CREDIT for the DADT repeal just a few weeks ago? What is he? A goldfish? Oh, that’s right, he’s just a money-grubbing republican douchebag who will sh*t on himself if it’s in the name of securing his place at the white male table. In the long run, he’s an irrelevant piece of trash – he makes no contribution to LGBT rights or our history except as a footnote in the chapter about Log Cabin Republicans. Poor little quisling. So sad.

  • BeachBuddy

    @justiceontherocks: Just speaking the only language that the Left seems to understand: assaultive name-calling and conjecture. That seems to be all you people know, but I assure you that if I ever get the sense of civility on this website that I see on most others, I’ll gladly reciprocate. Until then, every “Rethuglican,” “Repuglican,” “teabagger,” and any other slur you throw my way (or toward anyone who “dares” to be gay and associate with the Right) will be met with equal firepower. I know you don’t like it, but that’s what makes this a democracy.

  • DR


    Yes, because as we all know, Democrats would *never* flipflop, change position, or otherwise alter politics just to curry favor… Oh, wait a second, didn’t the President of the United States do that on SSM? I believe he did, let me think… oh, yeah, back in the 90’s he was all for teh gheys marrying, then he got elected.

    No, Democrats would never change positions or rewrite their own history just to appease other groups.

  • justiceontherocks

    @BeachBuddy: Your hypocrisy is equaled only by your stupidity.

    And what is this “you people” crap? For all you know I’m “one of you.”

  • Drake


    Well, for one thing, he is a total hypocrite. He married his partner in Washington, DC, but aligns himself with a conservative organization that hates gays and is AGAINST same sex marriage. He allows himself and GOProud to be a tool of extremist anti-gay republicans that oppose gay equality. Isn’t that enough???

  • Drake

    PS-The Proudlings should call their group GOProudly. Don’t conservatives know about adverbs?

  • mattgmd

    A couple of them aspire to be the next Ken Mehlman. Or Ralph Reed LoL

  • Pete

    Chris Barron ,GOProud, try Drag Bingo if you are just trying to fit in.

  • AxelDC

    GOProud follows Groucho Marx’s maxim: I wouldn’t want to be a member of a club that would have someone like me as a member.

  • AxelDC

    I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

    -Groucho Marx and GOProud

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