Christopher Barron Won’t Waste Time With The ‘4 People Listening To’ Michelangelo Signorile’s Radio Show

GOProud head Christopher Barron can’t believe anyone believed World Net Daily‘s report that the gay conservative group has been kicked out of next year’s CPAC. (Hey Chris, does it count if we inserted the words “If World Net Daily’s lead fiction writer Joseph Farah is to be believed”?) It’s clear GOProud’s entire news cycle revolves around CPAC, particularly after Barron called Cleta Mitchell, the chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation (which organizes CPAC), a “nasty bigot,” and that he regrets it. Speaking to Michelangelo Signorile yesterday, Barron then says he “absolutely do not apologize,” however, for slapping names at members of The Gay Left (aka the antigay-for-pay industry). Then they fight and Barron gets hung up on. It’s better than The O’Reilly Factor!

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  • jj

    Wow, I’ve actually never heard a GOProud person speak, with the exception of Matt Hissey-Fit. Barron is really pathetic. Just makes me sad for him and others like him. If he can’t stand up to bigots because his conservative puppeteers will cut him loose, then how can he have any self respect at all as a gay man. You can be gay and have some conservative views, but stop kissing up to people who HATE you. Stockholm Syndrome is not flattering on anyone.

  • mikeincleveland

    GOProud’s Marriage Equality Stance: Let the States decide.

    If we would have let each State decide whether or not to accept the Civil Rights Act of 1965, we’d STILL have a few Southern states sitting in the Jim Crow era.

    God, I hope a sex tape with some hustler shows up online with one of these GOProud dudes in it.

    Then it’ll be fun to watch their GOP “supporters” run away so fast from them when they realize Gay GOP’ers AREN’T all about cutting taxes and saving America’s freedom.

  • Aaron

    Uh, did Mr. Enemabag there actually listen to the interview? Barron’s quite aware of that, hence his groveling apology for calling the unambiguously bigoted Ms. Mitchell a bigot. Pathetic.

  • Gigi

    Cleta Mitchell is NOT a nasty bigot but the “gay left” is still the American taliban. And Barron is only doing shows that have more than 5 listeners from now on. Got it?!?! (Actually, now that he’s alienated the GOP AND all us gay fags, who’s left?)

  • David

    Looks like he skipped the “daddy” phase and went straight to grandpa.

  • Shannon1981

    GOProud is dead, especially after Hissey-fit saying he doesn’t like gay people, and now Barron throwing a tantrum on Sirius radio…and the GOP has pretty much written them off too. And of course they never had us. What are they gonna do? Row around with their own little group and be thankful they still have inheritances and prep school degrees, even without self respect or respect from the two groups they claim to love so much.

  • Sparky

    Christopher Barron has a seriously twisted perception of reality. If he ends up killing somebody one day I will not be a bit surprised

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Aaron, I didn’t post that link for Christopher Barron, I posted if for Queerty readers.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: The link is interesting. I learned that keeping DADT in force was a conservative position. How that squares with limited government I could not tell you, but that was their position.

  • Little Kiwi

    Christopher Barron, as we all know, is just angry because his parents resent him being their son.


    Oohhh you’re such a big man, sucking up to daddy by hating “liberals” – the very peopel responsible for whatever freedoms you’ll ever have.
    what a wimp.

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