Christopher Barron Won’t Waste Time With The ‘4 People Listening To’ Michelangelo Signorile’s Radio Show

GOProud head Christopher Barron can’t believe anyone believed World Net Daily‘s report that the gay conservative group has been kicked out of next year’s CPAC. (Hey Chris, does it count if we inserted the words “If World Net Daily’s lead fiction writer Joseph Farah is to be believed”?) It’s clear GOProud’s entire news cycle revolves around CPAC, particularly after Barron called Cleta Mitchell, the chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation (which organizes CPAC), a “nasty bigot,” and that he regrets it. Speaking to Michelangelo Signorile yesterday, Barron then says he “absolutely do not apologize,” however, for slapping names at members of The Gay Left (aka the antigay-for-pay industry). Then they fight and Barron gets hung up on. It’s better than The O’Reilly Factor!

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