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Christopher Meloni Has The “Best Butt In Primetime”…And He Knows It

Christopher Meloni stopped by Conan and the conversation naturally shifted to his amazing, incredible, delectable ass.

We’ve been fans of Law and Order: SVU daddy Christopher Meloni’s ass for years, dating back to our gayling days waiting for one of the many shower scenes in Oz. Meloni’s ass has had a stellar career since ending its run on Oz and has popped up in multiple films and television shows, the newest of which is the Fox sitcom Surviving Jack. Even if Surviving Jack is canceled, we’re sure Meloni’s ass will bounce right back in a new project.

Meloni and Conan O’Brien yuk it up about his “best butt in primetime” award and the many conversations it inspires, and when you’re done watching that we wouldn’t be doing our duty if we didn’t direct you to this VERY NSFW Oz scene in which Christopher gives viewers the full Meloni during a shower scene.