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Chuck Bass Kissed a Dude. He Might’ve Liked It

And so it came to pass, when Gossip Girl ran out of salacious tune-in tricks that they had to have Chuck Bass kissing dudes. But the true test of whether the man-on-man smooch from last night’s episode carries any cultural weight will not be reflected whether it blows up on Twitter (it already did), but whether the Parents Television Council files a complaint. And you can be sure: They will.

And remember back to Season 2, when it looked like Chuck might go kissing Dan?

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  • scott ny'er

    omg. i’ve never watched this show. But to judge from these 2 clips, it’s terrible. It’s a big soap opera.

  • alan brickman

    Just might have to start watching…chuck is such a ass!!

  • Bubba in TX

    I stopped watching GG a long time ago. Season 1 was OK, but by Season 2 I couldn’t stand how lame it had become. However, I did TiVo last night’s episode (because of the kiss, of course).

    While it was a somewhat lame kiss (and we already knew from the media coverage that it wasn’t going to be a romantic kiss on Chuck’s part), what was a little more interesting was when he confessed to Blair that it wasn’t the first time he had kissed a guy. This opens up some interesting possibilities. After all, the GG books portrayed Chuck as batting for both teams (hell, is there a male character in those books who DOESN’T go both ways?).

    I’m not expecting to see too much of that concept seeping into the canon of the TV series, but if last night’s kiss got people’s attention, what have they got to lose? Who knows? If they do it right, maybe I’ll see if there’s room on my TiVo for another Season Pass. But probably not.

  • Aa

    Haha! Finally the guy-on-guy smooch for ratings arrives. Soon, the gays/bisexual guys will feel how us bisexual women do every time a show pulls out the one-episode girl-on-girl thing with an otherwise straight character because it’s so “scandalous”.

    I have to say though, I like the bisexual side of Chuck Bass. I like every side of Chuck Bass.

  • Bubba in TX


    Agreed about Chuck. At first I just thought he was goofy looking. Now I think he’s goofy-cute looking. It does throw me off, however, when the actor speaks in his real accent.

  • Republican


    Call me when Chace Crawford gets fucked up the ass.

  • Bubba in TX


    You mean he hasn’t yet? OH, you meant on the SHOW?!? Never mind….

  • dk

    I don’t watch this show, does he always squint and talk like everything he’s saying is a secret?

  • Thom


    haha agreed

  • sal(the original)

    wow!!!!ummm yawn..but that actor from gossip girl is kinda hot

  • Republican


    Who is hot? Certainly not the guy playing Chuck Bass.

  • So Yo

    oh, if only that girl didn’t come in and interrupt. bitch. never seen the show, but there’s something about ed westwick that just gets my temperature rising

  • me

    What a lousy actor. He really oversells it and, strangely, seems to be channeling a weird mix of Luke Perry and Christian Slater.

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