Chuck Colson: Gay-Straight Alliances Teach Teens To Choose ‘Disease, Heartbreak, And An Early Death’

Chuck Colson, whose Manhattan Declaration app totally wasn’t that anti-gay piece of software everyone made it out to be, isn’t content merely railing against Apple — for Colson sees dark times ahead with all these LGBT-oriented anti-bullying initiatives and gay-straight alliances, which are going to normalize gayness to youngsters. “We have to ask ourselves what happens when alliances like these teach that it’s ok to choose because homosexual and heterosexual sex?” Well for one thing, it’ll tell gay teens they can “choose” not to have awful, unfulfilling straight sex while they “figure things out.” Thanks, anti-bullying policies! But the best part of Colson’s video here is his take on prison sex: female prisoners choose to get together, while male prisoners force homosexuality upon each other. Stop forming all those gay alliances in jail, everyone.