Chuck Todd Calls Out Charlie Crist’s “Engagement”

Poor Charlie Crist. Everyone’s constantly making fun of the Florida Governor’s engagement to Carole Rome, a wealthy New York socialite!

Why do people make fun of Crist’s relationship? Well, there are all those rumors about him being a homo and just picking up Rome because he needs political cover – Crist may or may not be picked as John McCain’s running mate. A single man with ceaseless rumors about his sexuality? The Republicans don’t roll like that.

Now, we’re not sure if MSNBC’s Chuck Todd’s alluding to Crist’s alleged homosexuality or the timing of Crist and Rome’s relationship, but he’s definitely poking fun while discussing Washington’s potential “single-person glass ceiling.” Is that like the glass closet?

Anyway, here’s the pertinent exchange:

SCARBOROUGH: Did he get married? I thought he was engaged. Is he engaged or did he get married?

TODD: After Friday the engagement might be off if he’s not the running mate, right?

Todd also makes sure to cover his ass, “You’ve always got to make it a question.”

Andrea Mitchell disapproved, saying, “That is so mean.” Yes, but funny! And maybe true, right?

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  • mark

    Chuck Todd has got some guts through this convention..and MSNBC if you’re listening, he’d make a great addition to your line up with his own show…instead of Bush’s butt boy David Gregory, or burnt out Morning joe.

  • marco

    Chuck Todd always gives me a cerebral boner.

  • Lover of the Red Bear

    Chuck Todd is BY FAR the hottest guy on TV!
    Smart, funny, quick wit…
    Anybody have info on his status – single/married/etc?
    I also think Luke Russert is a close 2nd.

  • Kevin

    Covered under the guise that Americans don’t want to elect someone single … but a quick retort, and pretty damn funny.

  • ggreen

    Did you notice how these million dollar salaried news people got spooked when Chick Todd dared to speak ill of a fellow millionaire Republican? What liberal media?

  • M Shane

    The term “glass ceiling” is fairly common and not at all the same as “glass closet”. glass ceiling is just a ceiling that persists despite the appearance of there being no ceiling: used a lot in firms w/regards to blacks , women whatever-has to do with pretense. I imagine that being single could mean a lot of things, generally that you are not living up to the all-American marital ideal(could just be a don Juan). I don’t think that there is such a descriptor as “glass closet” in use. There could be a glass ceiling for gay people but it would be that. (some linguistics.)
    It doen’t have any 2entendre or humor attached to it.’s use.

  • James Bartlett

    ‘Buffalo News’ Fake Story Said to Be Anti-Buffett Protest

    By Joe Strupp

    Published: August 27, 2008 11:20 AM ET

    NEW YORK A man claiming responsibility for a false story in The Buffalo News Monday, about actress Nicole Kidman launching a campaign to save a local theater, says he pulled the prank as a protest against News owner Warren Buffett.

    The prank, which sparked a lengthy correction in Tuesday’s paper and at least two related stories, is allegedly the work of one Adam Templeton. A man identifying himself as Adam Trumpleton, and pointing to the Buffalo News stories, claims, in an e-mail to E&P, that he has no connection to the theater involved and placed the false item on a public relations Web site in order to embarrass Buffett.

    The original News story on Monday reported that Kidman was coming to the aid of the longtime local showcase, the Studio Arena Theatre.

    A Tuesday follow-up story revealed that the initial story was based on a false notice at a public relations Web site: “The report, posted to the Web site at 8:20 Saturday night, claims that Kidman told reporters during a rehearsal break in London that she ‘expressed hope that one or more hugely charismatic New York City theater figures … pass the hat’ for Buffalo’s struggling playhouse. But the article also contains an alleged quote from Kidman that mirrors, verbatim, a comment made by the theater’s managing director, Iain Campbell, in July and printed in The Buffalo News,” the paper reported.

    The News reported that Catherine Olim, Kidman’s publicist, told the paper she found the initial story “highly suspect” and added that Kidman did not arrive in London until Monday. “We have no knowledge of this, and [Kidman] is filming out of the country. If we find out, we’ll let you know if it’s true or not,” Olim wrote to the News in an e-mail.

    “The report, which circulated to several online gossip sites and was later picked up by local television stations and this newspaper, is attributed to an organization called Mirror Entertainment (America), the existence of which could not be verified through Web searches,” the News revealed. “The contact information for the company at the end of the report lists a man named Adam Templeton and a phone number that, when dialed, led to a company called Great Places Publishing. Richard Thorne, the company’s owner, said no one named Adam Templeton worked there.”

    The News adds that “describes itself as a ‘website for the free submission of public relations distribution, news and press releases.’ After signing up for the service, anyone with an e-mail address can submit and publish a news article or press release, which is posted to the site without apparent editorial oversight.”

    On Wednesday, “Trumpleton” wrote in an email to E&P, “The point of the prank is this: Buffalo has its own Nicole Kidman right under its very nose — and her name is Warren Buffett. Let Warren Buffett, who has taken so, so much out of the city of Buffalo and given back zilch save the theater. Instead of counting on Nicole Kidman, who has no connection to the city of Buffalo whatsoever, let the city turn for one single time to one of the individuals that it has enriched to such an astounding extent: Warren Buffett.

    “Since 1977, Warren Buffett has taken hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Buffalo community. He, personally, has never given a cent back to that community. It is time for him — personally — to do so. It is time for Warren Buffett to step up to the plate and finally — and personally — give something back to the community that he has taken so much money out of over the past 30 years. (And they only need $300,000 to get back on their feet.)

    “Scratch out the name of Nicole Kidman and insert the name of Warren Buffett into that Buffalo News story that was printed Monday, and you have an article that makes total sense,” the e-mail from the alleged perpetrator (his identify has not been confirmed) said.

    Buffalo News executives could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday. Berkshire Hathaway, the News’ parent company owned by Buffett, has yet to respond to a call seeking comment from E&P.

    In his e-mail to E&P, “Trumpleton” stated: “Someone needed to smack him, and I am okay with the fact that it was me who had to do it. And my apologies to the staff of the theater if they felt this was in any way intended to embarrass them — it was not. They are doing an amazing job in light of huge adversity.”

  • Candy

    Chuck Todd is a bloated dickhead! Fuck him and the whole MSNBC crew of misfits!

  • Karl

    Chuck Todd making fun of one (supposed) gay man makes it ok to make fun of all gay men.

    Brokaw needs to take the helm over at MSNBC before it hits an iceberg.

  • Dom

    Brokaw? That bloated, insufferable RW dinosaur? The guy who thinks he has the right to tell everyone else how the country should be run because HE was an anchorman for 745 years? Fuck him! He is so biased, it is beyond belief. And Todd – who, by the way, I also consider an insufferable, biased blowhard (his wife works for McCain, like Carville’s wife worked for Darth Cheney) – was not making fun of gay men; he was making fun of the hypocrisy in politics that says a gay man cannot be chosen as VP in the Republican Party because of their medievel attitude towards gay people. Wouldn’t want to remind people of Larry Craig’s airport bathroom in Minneapolis, would we? And Joe “DEAD INTERN” Scarborough offends me just by his persence on the airwaves.

  • Ston


    Chuck todd ISN”T making fun of a gay man. The FL. governor has never come out of the closet, therefore I feel no need to defend him against attacks like that because you sure as hell know he wouldn’t be defending anybody gay against a similar attack. Let him come out, then he can get my sympathy. Right now Chuck Todd is, as far as I’m concerned, mocking a single guy that got engaged suspiciously quickly when his name was put in the ring as a VP consideration.

  • todd

    When the HELL is Charley Crist going to come out for sick man he is – A TAN-OREXIC!!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Florida Guv Charlie Crist learnt from Sen. Larry Craig that Men’s bathroom semen is a great silver-haired moisturizer after all of that drying out working so hard at the Tanning Salon for the people of Florida who’s vote won’t count again! Straight Marriage is So GAY!

  • mark

    I’m reading Christian Reich sites (yuck I know) they are hoping McCain picks Condi as his VP.

    I smell an engagement in her future

    and coincidently HALLMARK has just the card for the occasion.

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