Chuck Todd Calls Out Charlie Crist’s “Engagement”

Poor Charlie Crist. Everyone’s constantly making fun of the Florida Governor’s engagement to Carole Rome, a wealthy New York socialite!

Why do people make fun of Crist’s relationship? Well, there are all those rumors about him being a homo and just picking up Rome because he needs political cover – Crist may or may not be picked as John McCain’s running mate. A single man with ceaseless rumors about his sexuality? The Republicans don’t roll like that.

Now, we’re not sure if MSNBC’s Chuck Todd’s alluding to Crist’s alleged homosexuality or the timing of Crist and Rome’s relationship, but he’s definitely poking fun while discussing Washington’s potential “single-person glass ceiling.” Is that like the glass closet?

Anyway, here’s the pertinent exchange:

SCARBOROUGH: Did he get married? I thought he was engaged. Is he engaged or did he get married?

TODD: After Friday the engagement might be off if he’s not the running mate, right?

Todd also makes sure to cover his ass, “You’ve always got to make it a question.”

Andrea Mitchell disapproved, saying, “That is so mean.” Yes, but funny! And maybe true, right?