Church Cancels Easter Rather Than Celebrate with Gays

lady-bunny-easter-670x667Would you like to know why you can’t have nice things? Because of people like Reverend Bud Locke, who decided to cancel Easter Sunday Service after accidentally sending an invitation to a church that welcomes LGBT people.

And this didn’t happen in some remote southern town where they’ve never heard of soap — this was in Stockton, just outside San Francisco.

It’s a longstanding tradition for the Stockton Leadership Foundation to hold services — they’ve been doing it for nearly two decades. But this year, Rev Locke accidentally allowed an invitation to go out to Valley Ministries, a small church with LGBT members. When he realized what he’d done, he emailed Valley Ministries’ Reverend Terry Miller — from a city email address, since Locke also works for the police department — to disinvite them.

It’s all very Christian, isn’t it?

After word got around about Locke’s bigotry, he first re-invited them, then decided to cancel the whole thing because it was getting too much publicity. He says that he had to cancel the ceremonies because all the attention they were getting. So now they’ll be celebrating in a much more effective way: not at all. Good job!

Of course it’s not the first time LGBTs have been excluded from a celebration under flimsy pretenses. Last year, various cities were still embroiled in controversy over whether gay people should be allowed to march in St. Patrick’s day parades.