Take Me to Church

Church Fissure Growing

Wrapping up their summit in Rwanda, a group of Anglican primates (Yeah, we were caught off guard, too, but apparently the word has two meanings. You can decide which definition suits this story.) issued a statement suggesting conservative Anglican groups in America break away to form their own contingency.

The report comes as no surprise considering the holy outrage following the consecration gay bishop, Gene Robinsons in 2003, and the upcoming consecration for Katharine Jefferts Schori of Nevada.

365 Gay reports:

In a statement today the Global South primates called on American churches dissatisfied with the direction of the Episcopal Church to begin moving away.

“We are convinced that time has now come to take initial steps toward the formation of what will be recognized as separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican communion in the USA,” said the statement released at the close of the conference.

You know, we’re not the most religious people in the world (although, Happy Rosh Hashanah), but it seems to us that if people have their panties in a twist, they should just grow some balls and split off. Wouldn’t that just make things easier?

Also, isn’t it refreshing to have leaders from Africa, Asia, and Latin America directing American churches? It’s like a reverse crusade, or something.