Church Halts Weddings In Gay Protest

Britain’s Unitarians are playing hard ball!

Rather than work within “unjust” nuptial laws, the 300 year old Newington Green Unitarian Church has suspended all official weddings until gay people are given equal treatment. They will, instead, offer blessing for straight and gay couples who have gone through a civil ceremony.

Said Minister Andrew Pakula:

When we realized the extent of the injustice in the existing civil partnership law which completely prohibits any connection between religion and civil partnerships, we decided it just wasn’t something we could take part in.

We have at this point continued to do blessings and civil partnership blessings so anyone who has done the legal business in the town hall can come to us and do a gorgeous religious celebration.

Pakula also said that his church is doing its part in combating more exclusive, dominating churches: “…We feel it is our duty to stand up on the other side. We are standing on the side of love here and that is our stance.”