Church Moves Swiftly to Keep Lesbians Out of Softball League

The Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis banned a women’s softball team from playing in the church’s league after learning its coach, Jana Jacobson, is A LESBIAN and that some of the players ARE HOMOSEXUALS. Church officials aren’t commenting, so we’re going to direct all of our questions to Elena Kagan.

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  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I guess the church’s theater department must be empty.

  • Jaroslaw

    #ditto #1 Aaron – but I bet they take their Gay members $$$$ !

  • jason

    There’s NO way a team of straight women could have ever competed against the muscle-bound Lesbians.

    I arm-wrestled a bisexual woman one time and I ended up in the emergency room. My asthma kicked in.

    I hope they don’t allow illegal immigrants on the team, either.

    Rap music is homophobic.

    The snark against Elena Kagan was uncalled for.

  • Swellster


    I don’t think the Elena Kagan comment was snark. If you have been following recent commentary there has been a question about whether Kagan supports religious freedom over the freedom from discrimination. That is an appropos question here given this is a church league. Can a church league discriminate?

    The connection could have been made more directly, but I don’t think it was “snarky.”

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    I wonder where all the “NAGAAA can discriminate against bisexuals and straight guys” are so they can defend the actions of the church…

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