161-74 Split

Church of Sweden Backs Gay Marriage

The Church of Sweden found itself conflicted yesterday. Religious leaders gathered to discuss whether or not to support a parliamentary bill neutering marriage. That is, making the legal language gender neutral to allow same-sex marriage. Had the Church of Sweden rejected the move, they would be forced to stop legally-sanctioned marriages all together.

Rather than give up those blessings, officials voted 161-74 to back the gay-inclusive laws. Whether that support will stick, however, remains to be seen. Despite the split, Archbishop Anders Wejryd seems optimistic, telling The Local:

I think the type of discussion we have had contributes to our cohesiveness. It has been an honest discussion that shows our great willingness to live together within the church. So it doesn’t worry me.

I am not of the opinion that everybody in the church should agree with each other. We have to be mature enough to live with a variety of opinions.

If only all Christian denominations were so understanding of difference. And, yes, we’re talking to you, Anglicans.