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Churches are Exorcising Gay Demons Around the World!


You thought America’s eastern seaboard was the only place you’d find a “church” casting out a gay demon from a parishioner? You must have no faith in humanity!

The Rev. John Ogbe-Ogbeide, who runs the United Pentecostal Ministry in London, claims a startling record of four to five exorcisms per year — and that he’s got a 100 percent success rate. Miraculous, especially since other folks don’t appear to be able to mimic Ogbe-Ogbeide’s success rate.

Peterson Toscano, a gay rights activist who spent 17 years in ex-gay therapy, has been subjected to three exorcisms.

He told PinkNews.co.uk: “”The premise of these was that foreign demonic forces infiltrated my body and manipulated me so that I could not turn from being gay.

“I felt desperate for a cure especially after trying so hard to change through other means. I could not comprehend why I was still gay especially after all the promises.”

“In one case in New York, ” he said, “the exorcist and her team yelled and screamed at me in English and in ‘tongues’ for over an hour touching me all over my body, jabbing me in my gut, getting close into my face, peering deeply into my eyes in hopes of provoking these evil spirits. It got so loud and out of control that a neighbour called the police who, when they came, broke it up.

“This is a form of religious abuse and spiritual violence. I found the experienced traumatised me.”

Well, it’s not like they’re anti-gay or anything.