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Churches Quick To Respond To Britain’s Gay Marriage Plans: Uh, Go Away

That didn’t take long: Just days after British coalition lawmakers announced plans to let gays add a religious element to their civil partnerships (and to let gays apply for capital-M marriages), churches are already making clear their No Gays Allowed policies. Like East Lancashire’s Bishop Nicholas Reade, who says the government’s plans amount to “interfering” with official church business. “I find it quite hard to understand why the government should think it can interfere with the teaching of the church. Church and state are not the same thing, and I am very surprise that without any consultation with the church the government is making such a sweeping statement.” Ya know what? Me too. Which is why there should be no religious aspect to any government-recognized marriage. If couples want to marry in a church, or have a priest officiate their ceremony, great. But the government shouldn’t care either way. And there needn’t be any legislation even mentioning religion.