Ciara Deflects Legal Shade While Getting Served Lawsuit During L.A. Pride Performance

There are certain people you don’t try and shade. R&B divas top that list. There aren’t enough trees in the rainforest and so it’s not going to end well — as evinced by Ciara.

While turning it on stage during Los Angeles Pride this weekend, some crafty sonnuva process server tried to gift the Princess of Crunk with a lawsuit from West Hollywood gay bar, The Factory.

All tea, all shade — the singer had bailed on an appearance there the night before, and the bar is now trying to crunk $10,000 out of her. Ciara’s team maintain that they gave prior notice to The Factory, but they just continued to promote her appearance anyway.

And so, in the middle of her set, Ciara got served. And she served it right back.


Because you don’t interrupt a diva when she’s werqing. Meanwhile, this is also the plot for the next dance movie, You Got Served 4: Subpoena Nights.

Photo: BuzzFeed