Cincinnati Bengals, Evidently, Don’t Have a Problem Signing ‘Fag’ Tweeter Larry Johnson


That didn’t take long at all: Larry Johnson, the NFL running back ousted last week from the Kansas City Chiefs for his Twitter “fag” scandal, has found a new home willing to traffic in hate speech.

The Cincinnati Bengals are signing Johnson, but not as a frontrunner. With the Bengals’s current running back Cedric Benson injured during Sunday’s game, the team does have three replacements at the ready, but signed Bengals as a fourth-string “insurance policy.”

But nevermind that Johnson is a homophobe. He’s also a terrible player. Good luck not getting fired from your third team, Larry.

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  • Republican

    Dog abusers and homophobes… Gotta love the NFL.

  • Sorry to be in Cincinnati

    Race riots and homophobes… Gotta love Cincinnati. :(

  • RoyinKC

    as a kansas citian and a signer of the petition to ouster LJ i’m glad he is gone. that being said if we all lost our career over some hateful or stupid thing we did or said most of us would be living in a cardboard box down by the river.
    i just hope he has learned from this situation.

  • Cinci Chris

    Race Riots, really? That was 8 years ago, and if you ask me, a bizarre occurrence of mob mentality. Could have happened anywhere. Cincinnati has come a long way in the past few years alone thanks in large part to young professionals and students who are sick and tired of older generations dragging our city into the gutter. I love Cinci and the gay community here has consistently grown larger, stronger and more outspoken. Viva Cincinnati!

  • Jeff

    Chris obviouly you live in a different Cincinnati.

  • Jeff

    The Cincinnati I live in has a Gay Section of about 5 blocks long like 3 miles out of town hidden in a not so great area. Cinci has a homophobic lawyer Board member of the City NAACP who actually WROTE the repeal of the city’s gay rights admendent in 1994. And has the CCV (Coalition for Community Values) a pretty big and powerful within the city, right wing religious group which is not only anti-gay but also CLOSELY associated and work s on the Family, and other radical anti-gay groups. And lets not forget that Cincinnati is the home of the Midwest Tea Party.

    So yeah. You live in a different Cinci or in a bubble within the 5 blocks of “Northside”

  • Ranger

    Part of the reason living in Cincinnati is so great is the conservative values we have here. I didn’t think you fags liked football anyway? Let it go.

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