Cincinnati Enquirer Stops Presses, Yanks Issues With Naughty Gay-Rally Photo

Over at Romensko, there’s a funny little story about the Cincinnati Enquirer literally stopping the presses last weekend (how long before that phrase becomes obsolete?) when staffers noticed the word “fuck” could been seen in a photo about a a LGBT-rights rally.

Above the headline” Gay Rights Group: Plan is Flawed,” in the Inquirer‘s April 15 edition is an image of dozens of marchers bearing signs like “Honk for Equality” and “Gay or Straight, Black or White, Marriage Is A Civil Right.” On the right, a woman is carrying a placard that reads “I Fuck Her,” with an arrow pointing to another woman. Gasp!

The blog reports that thousands of Sunday papers were destroyed when the error was noticed but that thousands more got into the hands of  readers. We can only hope they had their smelling salts handy.

Calling the image “completely inappropriate on many levels,” editor Carolyn Washburn issued an apology, saying “I deeply apologize and am working this morning to understand why this photo was chosen in the first place and why it was not caught sooner.”

Not sure what the “many” levels of inappropriateness are, but the way we see it, this could be print media’s saving grace. Kids everywhere will be scouring the newspaper looking for dirty words and the occasional nipple.

They might even learn about current events.

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