"In My Box Tonight Is Ernestine."

Cindy’s Speech To Be Camp Classic

Knowing we were recording the Republican National Convention last night, a journalist friend urged us to skip Cindy McCain’s speech, which this person described as “awful.”

We couldn’t disagree more. Yes, Mrs. McCain’s sedate, somewhat disoriented delivery was lackluster, at best, but the hot mama offered some of the most unintentionally entertaining tidbits of the entire week!

Consider this wacky, overarching statement: “From the beginning of time, no matter how accomplished in other fields, women have always sought a husband with an eye to what kind of father that man would be.”

Because, you know, women are nothing without a man. In fact, women should think of nothing more than settling down and helping their hubby spread his seed. Insane!

Meanwhile, we absolutely laughed our ass off when, while discussing a Rwandan woman the party flew in for a bit of color, McCain remarked, “In my box tonight is Ernestine.” The camera then cut to Erenstine, a butch woman who looked like she could very well get up in Cindy’s box.

Do yourselves a favor, watch the video, which we’ve included after the jump.

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  • Tom

    The McCains have 7 children…that explains the 7 houses they own. But what explains McCain’s belief that millionaires making less than $5 million are in the middle class. How out of touch are these people?

  • CitizenGeek

    I kind of like Cindy McCain. She’s obviously a good person who’ done a lot to help those in need. She’s nice and polite most of the time, too (the “I’ve always been proud of my country” snideness notwithstanding) and she doesn’t support ending Roe v. Wade and I bet she supports gay rights too!

  • Gregoire

    Something about her reminds me of Sherry Vine.

  • Darth Paul

    That’s funny Gregoire…she’s totally the Chicken Lady (Kids in The Hall) to me.

  • villager

    don’t look directly into her eyes!

  • garynyc

    love you fags, what would know about a real lady?
    wake up, get that little cock out of mouth/ass and look around, there is a world out there that you will never know or be a part of, sad, sad, sad

  • Dick Mills

    Is it just me, or does John McCain’s mother look like a tranny?

  • Jack E. Jett

    Cindy McCain is total camp. If McCain wins, she will be the new Anna Nicole.

  • marco Channing

    “love you fags, what would know about a real lady?”

    Your kidding, right? You are saying that GAY MEN cannot recognize a real lady? We LIVE for real ladies.

    We also recognize a train wreck when we see one. Cindy McCain is the new Marie Antionette (wearing $300,000 earrings to the RNC the day Gustav hits.) Let them eat cake!

  • JJJJ

    My b.f. told me Cindy McCain’s speech was terrible, but he’s been very impressed by the charity work he’s learned she’s involved in. Good for her.

  • mountainword

    She reminds me of the old Barbie-girl woman at the end of Pink’s “Stupid Girl” music video. I’m sorry, but how smart can she be, honestly? She can do all the charity work in the world, but she’s still only well-known because she is married to an old dried up warmonger who wants to play around with the country’s military. If she wants to do something charitable, she’d come out against her homophobic Republican husband and denounce his campaign to downgrade this country even more! I say charity starts at home, Cindy! You wore out your coochie making his babies- what has HE done for you lately?

  • Mr C

    OKAY for the Charity work of Cindy Brady McInsane…cute it’s all overseas.

    My Mother always told me that Charity begins at home!…..Why don’t the fucking McInsane’s do something here. Isn’t the Old Goat’s motto is

    “Country First”??????

    Sounds more like Countty Club first

    Oh Gary what would you know about a real lady? How’s Mom? And get that Black cock you HATE so much out of your mouth!

    McInsane/Stalin ’08
    The choice to keep America Dying!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Her first words in the White House: “Not the Nancy Reagan Chandelier!”

  • rick

    is there ANY botox left in this country or did cindy se it all? my god that woman had the gall to wear a $300,000.00 outfit and claim she isn’t elite while she is rubbing our faces in it. the woman nominated herself for sainthood. she thinks she’s the second coming of princess diana. i thought a choir of angels was going to descend to carry her bodily into heaven. oh and here’s the old man i stole from his wife. he was a pow you owe him.

  • marco channing

    “Country Club First.” That’s priceless. I am gonna run with that.

  • rick

    there were 36 blacks there excluding their adopted kid.

  • JJJJ

    I saw a number of Indians in the crowd. The new “highbrow” minority. I’m not surprised they’re mostly Republican.

  • rick

    i forgot she wore $3000,000.00 clothes with RHINESTONES, now that’s class, and proves she is not an elitest no matter that her convention clothes cost more than all the houses on my block.

    but, it was nice she showed her style for all the ugly, i mean little people.

    what about all the people who have been shipped overseas for years to die in a pointless war?


  • JJJJ

    Mrs. McCain wouldn’t be the first screwed up First Lady. Look at Mary Todd Lincoln. Look at Betty Ford. What I find more interesting is that- if we eventually see a President Palin- the first First Husband will be an Eskimo!

  • afrolito

    I love how obamanut fags try to tear down and belittle Cindy McCain, as if she was some airhead idiot barbie doll. The woman runs a multimillion dollar business empire, and is very charitable.

    And she’s HOT!

  • Soup

    Um, why does she speak so slowly? She sounds like she’s telling a white lie three year-old. It doesn’t really seem like she genuinely believes the stuff that’s coming out of her mouth.

  • mark

    I have to wonder how the mistress who took a disabled disfigured woman’s husband and adopted father to her sons, and their joint daughter..can utter the words about John’s STEADFASTNESS and HONOR..and not have the words stick in her motherf*ckin lying throat.

  • mark

    hey junkie,

    WE DON’T NEED a Morality lecture from someone nearly arrested for stealing meds to feed her addiction from a CHILDREN’S charity…that clear enough for you, ya tired OLD niped and tucked sunt?

  • Makeup Beat.com

    And what about that hair!
    A woman her age shouldn’t try for such a young trendy look. On her it just looks straggly not hip or chic. Her gay hairdresser should know better or maybe Mrs.McCain doesn’t want no fags that close to her. Which goes with their Christian beliefs and political policies regarding gay rights.

  • garynyc

    Think I can sum up most of you guys above.
    Dictionary: Jealously; envvious/ feeling bitter & unhappy of anothers advantages,possessions or luck. as in sad jealous democrat fags.

  • jason

    Cindy McCain:

    Drug addict (former?)

    Stole drugs from her own non-profit health care agency, and fired the director for turning her in and only narrowly avoided prosecution.

    Stole another woman’s husband.

    Claims that she’s the only daughter of her father, when in fact she has a half sister who was totally cut out of the family fortune.

    Makes her millions off of getting people drunk.

    You be the judge.

  • greybat

    And GARY…. we fags are the ones who train women to BE ladies! Poise, chic, courtesy, grace and elegance are the gifts to civilization that fags have bestowed since time immemorial.
    Of course, you may not have traveled in those circles…

  • mark


    Take your head out of Cindy’s ass, and come up for some fresh air. As for calling us/me a fag

    oh honey! I’ve been called much worse, by MUCH BETTER…and certainly more creative and original people.

  • Gracie

    “love you fags, what would know about a real lady?”
    Honey, I’m more of a lady than most of the straight women I know!

  • Tom

    Afrolito, is there any blonde-haired, pasty-skinned slut who you don’t worship? First Madonna and now Cindy McCain… You need to wake the fuck up because no matter how much money have daddy left her, Cindy does not give a rat’s ass about your gay ass.

  • girlwsumthinxtra

    I dunno about you all but I would surely love to be in the middle of a Jack McCain and Track Palin sandwich! Just saying!


    How beautiful, how graceful, how dignified, how unlike militant Omarosa Michelle Obama.
    Two Real American Ladies in the White House! Yeah!

    McCain ★ Palin ’08

  • Forrest

    She is beyond caricature. I don’t know what to say. And she always seems overly medicated to me. Talk about out of touch….

  • rick

    we have won. rachel maddow is a lady.

  • rick

    we have won ellen is a lady and she has a hot wife! who excudes class. and it aint like the botox beauty and the beast.

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