"In My Box Tonight Is Ernestine."

Cindy’s Speech To Be Camp Classic

Knowing we were recording the Republican National Convention last night, a journalist friend urged us to skip Cindy McCain’s speech, which this person described as “awful.”

We couldn’t disagree more. Yes, Mrs. McCain’s sedate, somewhat disoriented delivery was lackluster, at best, but the hot mama offered some of the most unintentionally entertaining tidbits of the entire week!

Consider this wacky, overarching statement: “From the beginning of time, no matter how accomplished in other fields, women have always sought a husband with an eye to what kind of father that man would be.”

Because, you know, women are nothing without a man. In fact, women should think of nothing more than settling down and helping their hubby spread his seed. Insane!

Meanwhile, we absolutely laughed our ass off when, while discussing a Rwandan woman the party flew in for a bit of color, McCain remarked, “In my box tonight is Ernestine.” The camera then cut to Erenstine, a butch woman who looked like she could very well get up in Cindy’s box.

Do yourselves a favor, watch the video, which we’ve included after the jump.