Cirque Noir


We are still trying to process the news Gay Porn Blog reported last week about TitanMedia’s decision to use a female-to-male transsexual not fully male in their new feature Cirque Noir. Yes, vaginas in gay porn.

We decided to ask a few friends of Queerty what they thought of the inspired casting. Below are their reactions.

Michael Lucas, porn star and director. “First of all let me tell you that I adore Titan and I think that they have a very important niche in the business. Masculine, hairy, mature men fucking the living hell out of each other, covering themselves with sweat, spit, cum and often urine. And I happen to believe that this is hot. I also know that this is in demand, big-time. What I don’t think is in demand is a man with a vagina. Actually, this is particularly weird to me. As I understand once upon a time there was an ugly dyke who decided to turn herself into an ugly, bald, chubby man. But for some bizarre reason, kept her pussy. But what confuses me the most is how can one who just couldn’t stand her gender, want to get fucked by a bunch of gay guys? And more importantly, would any gay man ever pay money to see it? I think that gay men have a very rare desire to masturbate to a vagina, but if they ever will- it better be attached to a really beautiful woman. Anyway, one thing is for sure, this brings a lot of publicity for Titan, and I guess that was the idea of this human tragedy.”

Michael Musto, Village Voice columnist. “Cirque Noir is obviously part of a diabolical plan to get gays interested in vaginas. It gets us all hot and bothered by showing us a hot stud, then pans down to his twat, slyly hoping to pervert, I mean convert us to straight. The religious right is obviously behind this sickness. Don’t watch!”

Peaches Christ, San Francisco drag star. “My friend Jared worked on Cirque Noir and has been telling me about it for months. I’m excited to see the elaborate circus sets, costumes, make-up and clown fucking. I’m all for clown fucking, otherwise I’d be abstinent.”

Jonno, editor Fleshbot. “Well hmm, I’ve always said that as far as most gay men are concerned, pussy is the last taboo – We’ll piss into each other’s mouths and shove fists and traffic cones up each others’ butts, but merely mention that word “vagina” and most fags will start gagging like they’ve just found half a worm in their apple or something. So it’ll be interesting to see how Titan’s gamble in casting Buck Angel plays out.”

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