Changing aesthetics

Being cisgender, white, and gay is no longer enough to make a guy interesting

A new investigative piece published by Mic confronts sexual racism and body shaming in the gay community and it’s sure to ruffle a few (predominantly white) feathers.

The video was made in response to Hoscos, an extremely popular Instagram account with over 315K followers, that came under last month for it’s lack of diversity. When confronted about this, Hoscos doubled down by saying there simply weren’t any pictures of “thicker people” or Asians that make a person want to “fall in love.”

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So what is the Hoscos aesthetic exactly? Mic describes it best:

If you like your men with a little grunt in their dumbbell curl, or if you are a lover of somewhat exposed derrieres, entirely exposed derrieres, naked men contemplatively staring out on a mountaintop or couples whose bodies are so similar in definition you’d swear there was some sort of genetic mutating at play, then Hoscos is an account you might consider tapping.

In other words: It’s basically a bunch of thin, cisgender, musclebound, mostly white dudes with an occasional thin, cisgender, musclebound Black or Asian dude thrown in to meet some bare minimum diversity quota.

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Now, we get it. Thin, cisgender, musclebound, mostly white dudes can be hot. But so can a lot of other guys. Which is the point Mic is trying to make.

Cue the outrage in 3… 2… 1…


Viral gay Instagram account is under fire

An Instagram account that makes gay beauty go viral is facing backlash after promoting a deeply exclusionary message. Mic's Evan Ross Katz investigated.

Posted by Mic on Saturday, January 6, 2018