WATCH: Cissy Houston Would Not Have Cared For Whitney Saving All Her Love For Women

On Oprah‘s Next Chapter, Her Royal Winfrey sits down with Cissy Houston, mother of the late, great Whitney Houston (may she rest). Cissy’s dancing on her daughter’s grave with the new book, Remembering Whitney, in which at some point she addresses Whitney’s rumored lesbian relationship with longtime friend, Robyn Crawford.

When Oprah, no stranger to those kinds of sapphic sister stories herself, asks Cissy if there was any truth to those rumors, Mama Houston claims she never knew for sure. The only thing she was sure about was that she would not have condoned her daughter being a lesbian.

Like, at all. Not in the least. Don’t even joke about it ’cause Cissy ain’t laughin’.

Oprah seems a little taken aback by Cissy’s no-bones-about it answer, then rebounds with a question we’ve all been asking: so were you happy when Bobby Brown came into the picture?”

Cissy: NOPE.

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