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‘Citizen of the State of California’ Wants Prop 8 Reinstated Because Judge Vaughn Walker Is a Homogay


Is this really how supporters of Prop 8 plan on handling the appeal of Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling — by relying on the Bible and Walker’s sexual orientation as reason to overturn the decision?

Robert Wooten describes himself as a “citizen of the State of California” in a two-page letter to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, filed Sept. 15, as he asks for Prop 8 to be reinstituted, despite being declared unconstitutional. But why? Because “if the allegation that Judge Walker is a homosexual is true [then] he has a personal interest in the outcome of the trial,” and thus should’ve recused himself. (This is the same argument we heard from John C. Eastman in the San Francisco Chronicle, and it was just as stupid then.)

As notes, the letter puts Walker’s sexual orientation, or at least speculation over it, into the court record for the first time, because no matter how ridiculous these letters are they must be filed away.

Not that Wooten’s letter is a real challenge to Walker’s ruling. After all, to have a say in whether Perry v. Schwarzenegger is appealed Wooten must prove he has standing, and it’s become increasingly clear random heteros don’t automatically have it.

Meanwhile, Prop 8’s supporters have until midnight Pacific time (which is in, like, a couple hours) to file written arguments challenging Walker’s ruling. Is Wooten’s letter supposed to count?

If Prop 8’s Supporters Make an Issue Out of Judge Walker Being Gay, Here’s How to Shut It Down

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  • B

    QUEERTY: “Robert Wooten describes himself as a ‘citizen of the State of California’ in a two-page letter to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, filed Sept. 15, as he asks for Prop 8 to be reinstituted, despite being declared unconstitutional.”

    The good news is that QUEERTY can only find one such incident. Given population group, the probability of finding such a person in the state is comparable to, and probably less, then finding a person the state like Charles Manson (the mass murderer).

  • Cung Vo

    Prop.8 is not the law from California parliament but from the church, the voters are not citizen of California but citizen of Bible, marriage between man and woman is a blanket cover the myth of Adam-Eva in Eden Garden, the same way they cover child sex abused criminal.

    I, myself can’t find any truth in the so call Holy Bible. So people want to use the untruth to force everyone under their power.

  • alex

    “Judge Vaughn Walker is a Homogay…”

    WTF? What’s a “Homogay”? is our own worst enemy. “Homogay” is a term I’ve only seen on this site. To me, it sounds like something a homophobe would say.

  • Jeffree

    @Alex #3 : It’s Qty’s effort to be “edgy” and “cool.” I personally dislike the term….
    — — —
    As for this “citizen,” I can’t help but imagine that he was inspired by some pastor’s sermon to write his letter.

    If it’s true that this is the only letter received asking the same thing, that in itself is amazing. Where have the other Prop 8 supporters scurried off to?

  • Jen

    Isn’t the use of the word “queer” also a mocking reclamation of an insult? I take “homogay” as a mockery of homophobes, myself.

  • J. Clarence

    It’s stupid to suggest that a gay judge cannot ever rule in a gay-related case, it’s like saying a female judge cannot rule in a domestic violence case, or a black judge in a racial hate crime related case, especially since it is not known whether or not Judge Walkner even ever wants to be married or gives a damn about the whole thing personally.

    That being said the petitioner has every right to come up with whatever reason/excuse they might come up with, and in regards to the state of California we have heard worse, i.e. the twinkie defense. It’s going to be up to the 9th circuit to decide whether or not it has any merit (and there might be situations where it does).

    Hopefully the panel of judges throws this petition out and does like the other judge in the Orly Tates birther case and scorn the person for wasting the court’s time.

  • B

    Re No. 3, “What’s a ‘Homogay’?” …. the term is defined at and is apparently slang for a person who goes out of his way to make sure you know he is gay. Think Sasha Baron Cohen’s attire in Bruno, or any Hollywood stereotype.

  • B

    No. 2 · Cung Vo wrote, “I, myself can’t find any truth in the so call Holy Bible.”

    Others have – it’s plausible that the Walls of Jerico tumbled down, not because of Joshua’s trumpet, but because of an earthquake, and archeological evidence shows that the walls fell down numerous times for a variety of reasons ( ). Then there’s the search for Sodom, described in an article at .

    Even the creation myth in Genesis tells you something – there are striking parallels to earlier Babylonian creation myths and other creation myths from Mesopotamia: the “Israelites” didn’t make up the myth on their own, but did a fair bit of borrowing.
    ( )

    The Bible is simply a mix of historical facts and myths with supernatural explanations for what they could not understand at the time.

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