City Hall Restroom Gets Five Star Rating For Sex, Two Star Rating For Cleanliness

men's sign

City Hall in Malden, Massachusetts is where all of the important business is conducted in town. And we mean, the only kind of business that really matters. The web site Gay Universe reveals that the building’s men’s room is where guys go to get all hot and heavy. City Councilors want the restrooms closed but the Mayor wants to keep the facilities open.

Don’t they realize that it’s the politicians who are most likely partaking in the bathroom breaks?

Says one concerned citizen:

“I just hope we don’t have to hire a detail officer to stay down there,” he added.

Yeah, that’s just what you’d want to do in this situation. Excite those horny guys looking some action with a hot, hunky police officer.

Restroom’s gay review stirs the pot in Malden [The Boston Herald]

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