Civil Unions Are The New Black

John Barrowman

Famous queer Brits everywhere seem to lack a fear of commitment. They all appear to be getting married.

We admittedly didn’t know much about out Brit actor John Barrowman when we read he was pulling an Elton and getting hitched. The Dr. Who regular is planning to wed his partner of 10 years in the new year. So we were pleasantly surprised to see that he is so very, very easy on the eyes – a total hunk.

But Barrowman dishes that he’ll be getting more than his own TV show and a hubby in the new year:

The gay star also revealed that they are hoping to have a child through a surrogate mother: “the daughter of a very, very old friend offered to carry a child for us. I’ve known her since she was five or six. She has children of her own but said if we wanted a child she would happily carry it for us.”

Good for them. But with so many gay celeb couples taking the plunge, we have only one jaded question left to ask: Who will be the first to sign divorce papers?

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