Civil War Brewing Inside Log Cabin Republicans?

To many, the idea that gay men and women could even be Republicans is a vigorous thought exercise. But now even Log Cabin Republicans are wondering whether they want to stay Log Cabin Republicans. No, that doesn’t mean some members are on the fence about suddenly becoming Democrats. Rather, they’re thinking about leaving the organizations — and splitting off to form a new one.

Given that the organization’s roster is at a low point, bank balances are nearly zero (until recently), and a new president has yet to be named, plenty of members are reconsidering whether LCR is the right place for them.

Some gay Republicans are considering organizing outside of the Log Cabin Republicans, raising questions about whether a new group will form to compete with the organization.

Chris Barron, a former Log Cabin political director, said he’s involved with activities such as “talking to gay Republicans and kind of getting a sense for what the priorities of gay Republicans are right now.”

“A lot of folks who care a lot about the direction that this party is headed in … are seriously concerned about the lack of a voice for gay Republicans in the party right now,” he said.

Jimmy LaSalvia, a former Log Cabin policy director, said he’s had discussions with gay Republicans at GOP events and concluded that Log Cabin is “missing a lot of opportunities to provide a voice for gay conservatives.”

“We’re looking at a political landscape where gay Republicans aren’t represented,” he said. “Log Cabin’s absence has left a void on the political landscape.”

Log Cabin, which didn’t respond to the Blade’s request for comment, is operating at minimal capacity even as it prepares for its annual national convention, which will take place in April this year in D.C.

The organization has yet to announce a new president after former Log Cabin head Patrick Sammon left the organization in January. At the end of that month, the organization had no full-time staff. Consultants were planning the convention.

[…] LaSalvia said he and Barron have made no official decision about starting a new organization, but said they are investigating the feasibility of forming a new group and are “talking with folks who might be interested in something like that.” [WashBlade]

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