Class Act

What does it take to get on the Carolina Panthers TopCats cheerleading squad? According to the team’s web site, personality, showmanship, dance skills, and physical fitness. This past Sunday, two of the squad’s members, Angela Keathley and Renee Thomas, were arrested after a sexual incident in a bathroom stall in the un-lesbianly-named Banana Joes bar in Tampa.


The two TopCats were having fun with each other’s kitties when another Banana Joes patron wanted to use the same stall. No word on whether that other patron wanted the stall for sex, or something else. Whatever the case, Renee Thomas got pissed by the interruption and slammed the complainer in the face with her closed fist. And you didn’t think that lesbians got into fisting.

Complicating matters, Keathley gave police the identity and address of a third squad member, who was attending a wedding in the Carolinas at the time of the toilet tryst. The Panthers’ home page allows you to see a slideshow of all the TopCats in their bared-midriff, pompom shaking glory: Talisha, April, Misty, Gia, DaWada, they’re all there. Not a single gay man on the squad; Queerty takes that as a sign of Jesse Helms’ enduring anti-gay legacy. A TopCats appearance request form is available here.