Clay Aiken Comes Out!

After years and years of speculation and denials, Clay Aiken has finally come out of the closet. And, like Lance Bass before him, Aiken used the cover of People magazine to do it. That takes balls, boy, so a hearty congratulations. (Also, it’s nice that you don’t look as silly as Bass. Also, you got your own, exasperated copy!)

As for all your crazed Clay-mates who were offended by all the Aiken gay speak – We told you so…

[via Perez Hilton]

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    DUH! Finally!

  • Hubbaduh


  • Bob R

    To quote inspector Renault: “Well, I’m shocked! Shocked to find gambling going on in here!”

    Like duh.

  • Kid A

    This is an epic day.

  • Mowan

    Congrats to hiding the worse kept secret.

  • ron


    Dog chases Cat!

  • Brandon

    What will Kathy Griffin do without her “in the closet” Clay.

  • Bastard Step Child


    We don’t care.

  • tim

    Meow is coming out….

  • faghag

    In other news, the pope is a catholic and bears do definitely shit in the woods.

  • Smartypants

    Clay Aiken is a lesbian? Huh.

  • Eminent Victorian

    What’s this crap about he doesn’t look as silly as Lance bass did? Hello? It’s Clay Aiken! He is always already more silly looking than Lance Bass.

  • The Pope is Catholic

    And yes, Virginia, just the same way that the Pope is Catholic, so too is Clay Aiken gay.

  • CitizenGeek

    About time!

  • ChlorineX

    Shock! Horror!

    not really.

  • Keith

    He doesn’t have to hook up on manhunt anymore! Now he can just select any golddigger he wants!
    Yawn. Clay who?

  • Lx198

    Welcome to the Gayborhood.

  • Trenton

    As long as we’re all stating the obvious:

    That is one butt ugly baby. :(

  • Alexa

    Good for him. It must have taken some nerve to come out in the face of all those uber religious and psycho Claymates.

    I’d like to point out that while there has definitely been years of speculation, Clay actually only denied he was gay once, the denials have all been quotes of that interview, assumptions, and fantasy denials from Claymates.



  • Nitesurf

    I’m still laughing at all the crazy Claymates. There’s no way they can spin this to suit their insane purposes, sorry gals!

  • Snoodle

    About time…bet he’ll be happier now :)

  • Alan down in Florida

    Ditto to Snoodle.


    Good for him ! He has a beautiful son know all you need Aiken is to find a husband who loves you and your child to make the family complete (:

  • scott

    Ok. So out of all the comments, Churchill is the only one who really responded with something affirming.


    Seriously, you guys either sound catty or pompously, know-it-all (that includes Queerty!). Yes, it was most likely he was gay… but only he should choose to come out when ready.

    So kudos to Clay. Now, please choose better songs.

  • Rock

    What about Justin Timberlake?

  • Robert-Chicago

    He’s using the baby as a security blanket to hide behind while he comes out. How convenient. I guess this baby proves he’s a real man.

  • George

    The Department of No Shit Sherlock must be having a busy day with revelations from both Clay Aiken AND Lindsay Lohan.

    But congrats anyway to both of them!

  • no!

    fuck off back to the closet, clay!

    we dont want you

    only hot guys with hot faces need come out

  • JJ

    I wonder how this is going to sit with his actual fans, especially the large number among them who are also Sarah Palin fans? I wonder if that group will simply ignore the announcement…like my Aunt Kathy.

    Anyway, maybe Ricki Martin is next…or does he want his children to grow up in a less healthy environment than Clay Aiken’s does?

    Btw, Mr. Aiken, its okay, we already knew, and we’re proud of you for your courage in ending the denials and lies.

  • jules

    I second JJ. Really, when is Ricky going to come out?

  • Thor

    Watch him write some sort of book about how “difficult” his life was and make money off of it just like Lance Bass.

  • michael

    perfect timing now that he is not selling any more albums& doing broadway but yes koodos to him for being strong and yes write a book on the fear & loathing that you must have felt to admit your gay maybe it will help others ! rickey yes but sad to say coming out will most likly hurt $ income for him & posse! like elvis many think of the crew as well, i bet recording contract states not to come out !!! . poor michael jackson whats up with it!

  • Walsingham

    Indeed, welcome to the Gayborhood.

  • Mountain Queen

    I didn’t see him on the talent show…I didn’t buy his albums…I’ve seen him sing on TV maybe 3 times and then only partially through a song…what’s the big deal? Okay, he probably has talent…and he’s makin’ a buck with his talent. Good for him. What does gay have to do with anything anyway? So what?!
    Enjoy the kid, dude, be a good father…I wasn’t and regret everyday I wasn’t with my children. Gay or not…I was just a crappy father who let his ex dictate the rules. Maybe he can be different and set things right for the gay contingent of fatherhood.

  • spiffy

    I only care about doing a Nelson Muntz to all those rabid defenders of CA that invaded Queerty every time there was any tiny bit of Aiken news… Why are they silent all of a sudden? Shocking.

  • gay as life

    Good for him. This MIGHT be career motivated, but seems to me to be more personal. And with the timing right now – definitely Political! Bravo. This will probably encourage some Claymates to avoid Palin.

    For someone who has seemed to be studiously a-political, his timing here is very telling. I’m actually proud of Clay Aiken. Wow!

  • Vinman

    No one can walk in your shoes. Every one’s life has a different courses. Clay’s I’m sure was hard. Thanks for being a real man and coming out when it can do so much good right now that we need it.

  • vegetablesoup

    Ugh. This is not good news.

    Yes, gay people can make excellent parents, but the MOST EXCELLENT parents we can make is when we adopt an unwanted child and raise her or him together in our loving home. When a narcissistic closeted freak decides he wants to splooge out a mini-me into a test tube and THEN (after years of LYING!) come out of the closet, it doesn’t do ANYBODY any good.

    He hands ammunition to the angry right, he really DOES deprive a child of a two-parent home, he leaves potentially adoptable children in their current situation, and he’s still a loser and alone.

    It’s a sad, pathetic situation, and not one we should celebrate.

    He should have come out long ago.

  • todd

    That kid sure is ugly – the little one!!

  • marco

    I agree with vegetablesoup

    He’s a narcissistic freak. I’ve seen some of his weird outbursts. I really don’t think he’ll be a good dad.
    That’s my € ,02

  • Len

    I have no problem with Clay and his time table.
    But equally, I have no problem with those who DO have take issue with Clay.

    The problem is that when someone is obviously gay (go ahead if you wish to attack that statement, but we all know what I mean) and doesn’t come out, it implies that there is something wrong with being gay, that it is a source of shame. So to those who are out, that’s a slap in the face.

    But people do what they can do when they can do it, and I choose to applaud that accomplishment, however late in the game it comes.

    However, I have a big ole problem with the straights who throw around sh!t like “Oh, you want everybody to be gay!” So to all the homophobic Claymates who deny their bigotry as vehemently as they denied Clay’s sexuality: Face up to your prejudices. You weren’t doing him a favor.

  • ChristopherM

    So we all made fun of him when he was in the closet (me included), but now that he came out of his own volition without some sort of crazy scandal or blackmail from that piece of trash Perez Hilton, you all want to skewer him? I think his music is lame and that he should have done this earlier, but we all follow our own path. I was raised in the same kooky religious mess as him, so I understand that not everyone has it as easy as some of you apparently had it. Lay off the kid, you bitchy queens…he’s done the right thing.

  • Yep yep

    LOL @ the clay mates who went psychotic defending Clay’s sexuality last year when he was webcamming with men.

    not shocked

  • Carrue

    When I woke up this morning I sat there thinking about the strange dream I’d had last night. What the heck would ever make me have a dream like that? Why in the world would I dream that Clay Aiken had “come out?” But then I remembered. The TV was on and in the back ground I heard Jimmy Kimmel mention Clay. I turned to see the People cover with Clay and wondered why Jimmy would do that. He also showed the fake cover of Ruben coming out saying he was black and I thought to myself how unusual that was for Jimmy Kimmel to use Clay in that way just to get a laugh. That’s how Kimmel used to treat Clay. I raced to turn the computer on and realized what a friend Clay had in Jimmy Kimmel.

    After realizing it wasn’t a dream I broke into tears. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was selfish because I knew I would hear from all those that I had been defending Clay to over the years. Maybe it was because of the dream that many of us collectively have of Clay marrying the perfect girl and having the perfect life. Maybe it was because we feel so much a part of his life and to know that he wasn’t quite honest with us and he had so much of my trust. I don’t know. Then I started to smile.

    I have a niece who is gay. She’s my husband’s sister’s only child. I have know since she was two that she was gay and told my husband so. He told me I was crazy, that it was impossible to know that a child that young was gay. As she grew up I never changed my feeling about her, but when pictures of her Sr. Prom came and she had a date, my husband was like,”See, I told you.” She is the same age as my son and they have always been very close. After they graduated from college she and my son were visiting and she told him she had something difficult to tell him. My son was the first person she told. Although I had never told my son my suspicions he was in no way surprised. We just knew.

    My niece is one of the happiest people I know. She lives her life like we all do. Works hard, plays hard, is a contributing member of society, pays her taxes, etc., etc. She has also taught me one of the most important lessons I ever needed to be taught. I was raised Southern Baptist and was taught that there were two sins that God would not forgive, suicide and homosexuality. Well I no longer believe either one is an unforgivable sin. I heard a Jewish Rabbi talk of how when a person commits suicide that he believes the person is suffering from something he most likely can’t find a way out of, an illness and that the God he believes in would not punish a sick person. Thank you Rabbi. And my niece taught me that in no way did she choose this life, she was born this way. The God I grew up knowing and loving does not make mistakes and my niece is not a mistake, God made her just the way she is.

    God didn’t make a mistake with Clay either. He seems to be one of the finest young men I have ever heard of. I still would want my daughters to marry a man with the same character that he has shown. I hope that he can be as happy as my niece, now that the weight is off of his chest. I will always be a fan and an admirer. So maybe the reason I cried is out of relief that this man that I adore no longer needs to hide.

  • SLC

    Carrue, I know some here may make fun of your story – you are supposed to be one of those close-minded Claymates after all – but I for one appreciate it. I’ve been happy to find as I peruse the fansites that most are supportive of Aiken, many have stories like yours, & even a lot of the most conservative who are struggling are still expressing the desire to work it out for themselves & stick around. Frankly, I think this is a major victory for our community. Aiken has the opportunity now to influence the thinking of many who oppose us. I applaud him for being the first openly gay Christian single father in celebdom. The mother is living with him & they are raising the child together, so the baby is wanting for nothing.

  • Faith

    i wish i was as confindent as clay is about coming out, but i guess it will happen when it happens huh, some of you writers may think that his child is ugly now but when he grows up he is going to be one handsome young man, i was the same way i was what you call ugly but look at me now a beautiful young lesbeian woman

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